Huge emotions and nerves. The Czechs fell into joy, the American captain said goodbye in tears


Seville (from our correspondent) – “It was a challenging duel, the emotions at the end were huge. I was extremely happy that we succeeded, the match was very difficult. Playing against America, which has so many good players and they can put it together in any way, is difficult, but we played well and performed very well,” Krejčíková evaluated the 6:3, 7:5 win over Collins and Townsend.

The two American women then couldn’t help but cry when their captain Kathy Rinaldi said goodbye to the function, who cried too. They wanted a trophy for her, but the Czechs thwarted their plans. “I’ve known her for a long time, even when I worked with Jana Novotna, so she introduced us. We’ve been in contact since then, I like her, it was hard to see her so moved,” admitted Krejčíková.

However, this did not take away the joy of the progress from the well-matched couple. “We knew it would be difficult. We performed well to win against such a tough team. Even the nerves were there,” claimed Siniaková and thanked for the support. “It’s great that so many Czechs still come to see us, even though the format has changed.”

At the same time, the 27-year-old tennis player did not go well in the fight with the American women. She had no match against Collins in singles and lost to her 3:6, 2:6. And in two hours she faced her again.

“I thought they were going to put Collins in doubles. And I was afraid of it. Even though she ran out of juice towards the end, she hesitated a few times at the net. It was obvious that she was not used to this. It could have happened that she would beat us on her own, but it didn’t happen,” sighed captain Petr Pála, who in the second set cheered his players to a turnaround. “The girls were always breaking down, so I tried to put it on their hearts that the American women have already broken so many times and they can do it again. I told the bar that she should go to the net with the ball a little more, because Collins was burning it terribly,” revealed the capo.

“We decided that we wanted to leave everything there and either it would be enough or it wouldn’t. And we did great. We joked, helped each other. I felt nervous, but we managed it perfectly,” said Siniaková.

The reward will be Saturday’s battle with Canada.

The article is in Czech

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