Hurry change! Do you have the same symbol for a hockey player? Do not stick to it elsewhere


The shirt looks a little retro to me, but on the other hand, it represents the whole nation. It’s not a club, the extraliga chairman Sasu Hovi told the court.

“I don’t want to return the national emblem, I have no respect for the work on the design of the lion’s head,” says graphic designer Karel Hejkal. I understand that she didn’t have to like every detail, but she did a good job on it. The sense of this step was undoubted, but then in someone’s cell will break and open? Anyone can do that in five minutes. approached both of them, and the salary for female experts was at stake.

international Hovi, after his goalkeeping career in the Czech Republic, was responsible for the launch of the company Jersey 53 producing sports boots, he still represents the brand at home in Finland and has a perfect overview of jerseys and trends.

Hejkal, among other things, carried out a visual facelift of the league’s footballers from Teplice and on social media X under the name regularly and interestingly posting sports jerseys, logos and visual identities.

For elsewhere stt sign nefr?

The unveiling of the jersey with the lion’s mouth in June 2018 was criticized by some representatives and some fans. However, the resentment gradually weakened until, in January of this year, Alois Hadamczik, the head of the ice hockey association, re-developed the conservative form of the national team uniform. I satisfied the nation, he explained last week.

My nation has problems, that’s why I have to subscribe to some national wave and print national symbols on the jersey, thinks Hejkal. Elsewhere, do it in a commercial way and approach it like a business, because you know that hockey cannot be played for free.

Most of the hockey powerhouses do not have the national emblem on their jerseys, but rather the original logo referring to the national symbolism.

Kanaan has a maple leaf on his chest, in which is the silhouette of a hockey player. widow get on with those crowns. The Finns, on the other hand, have a lion on their chest with a lion, which is different from the one from the same coat of arms.

The lion’s head has been worn on the jersey of the Czech national team for five years.

It is the logo of the hockey federation and I have not heard that the fans would stand up for it, writes Hovi. In general, I think that the national jersey should be simple in composition, but elaborate in details.

According to Fin, when compared, it is clearly a recent version of the Czech hockey movement. And when evaluated, Hovi won’t know that it’s a boy from Foch. There is a very long stitch on the jersey that should go to the shoulders and back. If it is good, show the figure of a hockey player, l.

In the old jersey, the shoulder area was also highlighted in color, thanks to which the game looked optically stronger. On the other hand, the neck was relatively exposed and personally, after the tragedy of Adam Johnson, I will get a tighter neck.

The new jersey does not have such a sharp cut at the neck, the space floats like a nice little flag, which does not stand out so much next to the sponsor logos. It’s your defense that the jerseys for the Euro Hockey Tour have always suffered here, says graphic designer Hejkal. Someone just ate and slapped the national emblem on the jersey. But I absolutely miss some concept.

At the WC, jerseys that caught the eye

Eskho tmu jerseys from the Olympic tournament in Beijing.

Pretty much as long as a day on ice skates. While on Thursday in Vxjo they skated again in a new outfit, two days later their German colleagues in Landshut, Germany against the Finns came in jerseys with a lion’s head.

Changes can happen randomly and inconsistently. Unless you sweat cheap imitations, the official jersey of the national team cannot be purchased.

In addition to training sessions, i.e. evening events except for the World Championships and the Olympics, the addition of hockey sets by the CCM company. Nike made jerseys for the May campaign. According to information from MF DNES, the union’s lion logo will be on the shoulders and the overall appearance of the jersey will resemble the one with which the national team played in the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Even then, Vyoen reaped the rush, and The Athletic even declared their jerseys the most beautiful in the world of international hockey. Bet on the esk handsome. They have a striking saturation of colors and a coat of arms, thanks to which I feel as in He about thorns, wrote Murat Ates, one of those evaluators, on the renowned website.

How to order jerseys at the same time? They did not get many positive points from experts. The use of the national symbol is populist and based on faulty arguments, Hejkal points out. And if we won something in the past with a lucky sign, it does not mean that we will win something with it now.

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