Robbed Hradec? I don’t understand the referee’s decision, coach Kotal lamented

Robbed Hradec? I don’t understand the referee’s decision, coach Kotal lamented
Robbed Hradec? I don’t understand the referee’s decision, coach Kotal lamented

In addition, it happened to Hradec for the second time in the match, his teammate Pilař also rejoiced prematurely in front of Čihák. However, while in his case the disallowance of the goal could not be disputed, it is different with Čihák.

So you disagree with the referee’s statement?
It was a regular goal, but unfortunately I don’t know on what basis the referee didn’t recognize it. That goal should have counted.

Why didn’t Čihák’s goal count?

Judge Szikszay explains

Filip Čihák got the ball into the goal, but according to the referees, Daniel Vašulín joined the game from an offside position.

“There was a corner kick when the ball went to the penalty spot and the home player (Čihák) played the ball. At that moment, the Vašulín player was in an offside position, he fought with the goalkeeper Bačkovský, turning the offside position into an offside position,” he told O2 TV Ladislav Szikszay, the main referee of the match. “From the field of play, it looked like a regular goal, but the VAR was reviewing the situation and found evidence that Vašulín was really offside, led a fight and recommended disallowing the goal.”

Due to the alleged offside of your attacker Vašulín. How did you see it?
That when the contact happened, the ball was already in the goal, so it didn’t affect the goalkeeper at all. Moreover, Vašulín has his legs up and the goalkeeper was falling on top of him. That’s why I don’t understand the referee’s decision.

Were you sure right away?
I saw it on the changer, but we only have a small screen there. When I saw it on a bigger monitor, it was clear. That’s what I was going for.

What do you say about the 1:1 draw?
I think we had a little bit more chances than the opponent. Next to Vašulín’s goal, his stick and header, which should have ended in a goal. And then the peak that was already mentioned.

In the end, Vašulín was your only scorer, he played excellently after a period when he did not do so well. What did you say about his performance?
That we made the right decision to build it. He scored a goal and had two more chances, and it’s just a shame that at least one didn’t end in a goal. If that happened, we wouldn’t even deal with disallowed goals. We want him to get to the end, which he hasn’t always been able to do in past games. Of course, it’s also a question of passes, he got enough crosses there, he got to the end.

In the offensive, you are missing Ladislav Krejčí, who broke his cheekbone against Teplice. How is he doing?
He is out of surgery and according to our last conversation, he could start training next week with a mask on. We will see how his injury continues to develop, but now we have a fortnight off and I believe he will pull himself together.

Have you finished the first half of the regular season, how satisfied are Hradec, even considering that the teams from the bottom of the table score fairly regularly?
We are alert, but we mainly monitor our performances. It’s a huge shame that we didn’t get three points today, that would have put us on 18 and we’d be at peace.

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