Boleslav – Pardubice 1:0, the match was decided by the representative of Novice Kuej

Boleslav – Pardubice 1:0, the match was decided by the representative of Novice Kuej
Boleslav – Pardubice 1:0, the match was decided by the representative of Novice Kuej

Plzeň, Bank and Olomouc can unseat them on Sunday, if they beat Slovakia, Sparta and Slavia respectively at home.

New representative Kuej was moving to the team’s home warehouse. In Pardubice, the paraplegic Mare appeared for the first time recovered from the hole, the same way he received the angel Solil, who had been languishing for so long, after a long time since his arrest. Guest Dank came on despite a broken wrist and a special band.


We watched the match minute by minute.

On the contrary, the experienced winger Hlavat started only on the bench for the first time in the league season, and the visitors soon had to play for the injured Zlatohlvka, who two weeks ago gave his premier league team a win in Budjovice in the Czech Republic.

The guest stuck in the water somewhat surprisingly controlled the middle of the field and within half an hour, Solil, Pikul and Zlatohlvek were out of danger. On the other side, in the 22nd minute, Mladá Boleslav’s best striker Mareek headed from close range, but his attempt was stopped by the team. In the middle of the first half, home stopper Such slipped in front of the crossbar, Tischler found himself alone in front of the goal thanks to this, but he was unable to shoot it.

Immediately after the change of sides, Kuej began to show with the invited activity that they will send the first invitation to the national team. Dobe tied Karafit’s long waist from his own half and cold-bloodedly beat Budinskho.

We have to see that point, the first half was not good from us. After football, I feel fine, my recent health problems have subsided, said the author of the related article for the club’s website.

After Matjovska’s corner kick, Sakala headed it into the box and it bounced off the goalie’s head back into the net. Mareek then narrowly missed the goal with a kick from the edge of the box. Pardubick’s effort to equalize had a long way to go. The visitors confirmed that they have the weakest league flow with 11 goals.

Treni agreed at the press conference that the match was very even and in the first half even Pardubice had the upper hand. They didn’t go into the match, Pardubice were better and I have to give credit to Trmal for beating the team in the first half. Another manaft entered the second half, he quickly converted the ball and scored, but he did not give the second a clearing goal, Marek Kuli evaluated the home team’s run.

His predecessor, Radoslav Kov, regretted the unchanging ancs. The first half was balanced, unfortunately in his beast Tischler did not make a huge difference. At the end of the second half, we made a mistake, fell asleep and Kuej cleaned it up. We scored only 11 goals in 15 passes, that’s the biggest problem. We’re squeezing in there, even today it was raining, but we can’t change them, lamented Kov.

At home, after two losses – in the game in Liberec and in the league in Teplice – they were on their way. In the St. Lokotrans arena, they won the highest number of confirmations in a row, they also beat Sparta there and only lost to Slavia there in the season. Brank Trmal scored the first goal in the game.

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