Sparta reported a loss of a quarter of a billion crowns in the championship season

Sparta reported a loss of a quarter of a billion crowns in the championship season
Sparta reported a loss of a quarter of a billion crowns in the championship season

Football Sparta Prague recorded a loss of 254.6 million crowns in the 2022/23 championship season, 152 million less than in the previous year. The club announced this on the website today and stated that the loss did not have a negative impact on the operation of the club and its sporting or commercial activities. Management will present the management results for approval to the general meeting, which will take place in December.

According to the club, the main reason for the loss is non-participation in the main stage of one of the UEFA competitions. At the beginning of last season, Sparta played only two matches in the 2nd preliminary round of the Conference League, in which they lost to Viking Stavanger. At the end of the year, the Leten team with new coach Brian Prisk celebrated the championship title after nine years.

Sparta recorded a net transfer profit of 298.3 million crowns, mainly thanks to the lucrative transfers of Adam Hložek to Leverkusen and Dávid Hanck to Feyenoord Rotterdam.

“We wish to work with players who have the highest ambitions and the desire to develop their potential. This was exactly the case with Adam and Dávid. Unfortunately, neither of them celebrated winning the title with us, which I would very much like for them. Because part of our strategy is also that the players first achieve success together with us before possibly going abroad,” said executive vice-chairman František Čupr, who was the club’s general manager last season. This function is now held by Tomáš Křivda.

The costs associated with spending on players and implementation teams in the 2022/2023 season amounted to 395.6 million crowns. The club’s business income reached the value of 262.191 million crowns, income from advertising was 124.842 million crowns. Last season, Sparta had the highest attendance at home matches in almost 40 years, and the total revenue from entrance fees amounted to 68.6 million crowns.

The costs associated with ensuring operations, i.e. the organization of matches, training sessions and energy, reached 290.2 million crowns. The costs of operating the stadium itself were 45.8 million crowns.

For the year 2021/22, the people of Prague recorded a loss of 407 million crowns. Since the arrival of owner Daniel Křetínský in 2004, Sparta has finished in positive numbers only three times – in the 2004/05 (31.8 million) and 2016/17 (22.6 million) and 2018/19 (311.6 million) seasons.

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