Finland is in shock after the brutal debacle with the Czech Republic. Jalonen cowardly ran away


Tampere (from our correspondent) – By the way, the Suomi selection got seven goals at home from the Czechs after 22 long years… That time in Helsinki, the Czechs triumphed 7:2. In February 2017, the Czechs also scored seven goals against the Finns, but that was played in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The difficult directive, which several Finnish media described as a “brutal debacle”, after all, only bitten the experienced Finnish head coach Jukka Jalonen hard. All Finnish writing journalists were curious about the assessment of the 61-year-old coach who led Finland to three world championship titles and Olympic gold in Beijing 2022.

Photo: Emmi Korhonen, CTK/AP

Czech hockey players after the victory over Finland at the Karjala tournament

But they didn’t see him. After 40 minutes of waiting, they were told that Jalonen would arrive in 10 to 15 minutes. It did not happen. Journalists ended up standing in front of the cabin for more than an hour. Needlessly. “Sorry. He’s watching the video and preparing for Sunday’s match (with the Swedes),” the press representative of the national team, Henna Malmbergová, said.

And so they had to make do with only the coach’s assessment for the Discovery television station.

“The Czech Republic was very effective in the first third. We made a few positional mistakes. In the second half, we managed to equalize at 3:3, but then we did not manage to weaken and subsequently the Czechs added a fifth goal. Our spine shook a little and in the third period we were no longer in the best shape,” explained the coach, who will end up with the Finnish national team after the WC in Prague.

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