Geometry for one, you say? or When you cancel your wife’s Christmas photo shoot because of a representative abs


Tampere (from our correspondent) – “Geometry for one, you say? Just like I was used to at school,” laughed the 31-year-old forward after the overwhelming 7:3 win.

Are you happy that you have transferred the fun of the game from the club to the toolbox?

So I was five on five minus two during the game, so I think I didn’t carry over any lauf from the extra league (laughs). I just don’t like to rate myself. Especially not in a positive way…

But no one can match you with two assists, and you scored the first one on your first substitution…

Of course, this will help every player. I’d be kidding if I said no. But none of my goalscoring was a rehearsed action. We all improvised well.

And except for a roughly seven-minute passage, you outplayed the Finns, so a well-deserved 7:3 win?

I think the Finns didn’t really expect such a result. I’m glad we didn’t give up at 3:3. We showed inner strength and that we have an experienced enough team to put us down.

The last time you represented was in December 2019. Have you already had an abs test?

I was really looking forward to it after such a long period of time, during which many coaches changed at the national team. Even though I’m thirty-one, I’m happy and excited for every day I get to be here. It is clear that I would prefer to go to the national team.

At the same time, you failed in the original nomination and only got into it because of Michal Kovařčík’s injury…

And because of that, we had to cancel the Christmas photoshoot, which the wife was not entirely happy about. However, the whole family was happy that I got the additional invitation and we were happy to ditch the plans because of it.

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