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Confirmation of quality preparation. Sblkov finished fifth on the 2-kilometer course

Confirmation of quality preparation. Sblkov finished fifth on the 2-kilometer course
Confirmation of quality preparation. Sblkov finished fifth on the 2-kilometer course

Sblkov started in the fourth out of eight rounds, but her best seductress against her was Norwegian Ragne Wiklundova at the World Championships last season. As if with such an early start, she could calm herself down by the fact that the twenty-year-old race will push her to a great time.

And so it was confirmed.

Sblkov lost to the young competition right after the start, but she was still within range until the fourth lap, and thus laid the foundation for a quality performance.

After 1400 meters at the Wiklunds, Sblkov was able to run by a split second and continued to use her advantage. It was possible to run the laps under 32 seconds, and when she reached the finish line, Miho Takagiova’s track record from 2020 began to be broken.

When Wiklundov crossed the finish line, she beat the Japanese by more than two seconds at 4:01.88 and confidently took the race lead.

Sblkov slowed down in the last few laps and lost 2.72 seconds to Norka in the cli. At that moment, she found herself in second place on the trial and had to wait for the three roses before she learned how to place her on the water of the season.

The Japanese Momoka Horikawov and the Canaanite Ivanie Blondinov started right after the pair of Sblkov and Wiklundov. Kanaanka drove the middle of the track on the Sblkov straight and was catching up to her in the wild.

Horikawov started very slowly, but she got better round by round and with a huge beast on the last shot, she managed to catch up with Wiklundov, who was 1.54 seconds behind her.

This was followed by a match with two Dutch women, Antoinette Rijpma-De Jong and Joy Beune. The country women started the seduction the best of all, they worked together and helped each other.

Jongov drove the best four water laps, then took Beune’s lead from there and took the first position in the race in a few meters. But then she quickly lost her voice and, exhausted, crossed the finish line in fourth place, 71 hundredths of a second ahead of Sblková. Jongov spread her words a little tighter and hit the beast with at least one peck.

At the start of the race, those swooshes were left and Sblkov dropped to fifth place. Did Piprav leave the soup for this position?

They couldn’t do that.

Not a single skater from the beast of seduction came close to Sblkov on me for more than two seconds, and the seductress thus remained safe for the fifth time.

She repeated the team’s place from the 3,000-meter watershed of the season, in Stavanger, Norway, she finished fifth a year ago, but this time she was three seconds better than the team.

Sblkov’s two big volcanoes were missing in the Obihiro waterfall yesterday. The Dutch Irene Schouten and Marijke Groenewoud missed the World Cup flight and the five week in Beijing.

SP water leads in speed skating

Obihiro (Japan)

500 m:
1. Moriige 34.64, 2. Inhama (both Japan) 34.69, 3. Stolz (USA) 34.94
Prbn poad SP (after 2 of 10 leads): 1. inhama 114, 2. Moriige 114. 3. Murakami (Japan) 88

1. Wiklundov (Nor.) 4:01.88, 2. Horikawaov (Japan) 4:03.42, 3. Rijpmaov-De Jongov (Netherlands) 4:03.71, …5. Sblkov 4:04.60, Division B: 16. Kurov 4:19.73, 20. Korvasov (all R) 4:25.00

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