Sharp cut. Kangaroos surprised Karva with an unexpected change


The scenario that the green-and-whites with a four-man defense would go to Letná a week ago, where in the end they lost 0:2 in the “old” formation with three defenders, was considered quite realistic. “It was one of the options,” admitted Veselý. “But in the end we left it up to Karvina to have a whole week to practice. We wanted to keep it a secret. I hope it was successful, no one took anything away and the opponent didn’t expect it,” added the 46-year-old coach.

Judging by the statement of his counterpart Juraj Jarábek, there is no “cracker” or double agent in the kangaroo ranks. And if he does, he’s doing a lousy job. “We were preparing for three defenders. I think that’s how they started first, and it worked out for them,” coach Karviné acknowledged.

“We knew that Karviná would not count on this possibility. We’ve been playing in threes all season,” Erik Prekop, the only scorer of the duel, rubbed his hands.

But the change in formation was not only caused by the attempt to shock the opponent. There were many factors that influenced Vesely’s decision-making. “We wanted to get more players into the offensive, and we also have health problems,” revealed Veselý.

If he were to bet on a three-man defense, he would need to have either Jan Vondra, Antonín Křapka, or young Adam Kadlec at its heart. At the same time, none of them appeared to be an ideal option. “Vondra has a tear in her abdominal muscle, Kadlec is recovering from an injury. And honestly, Tonda Křapka is not quite at the top right now. So I evaluated that, typologically, we have more players for the back four,” explained the head of the kangaroo bench about his thought process.

Photo: Roman Vondrouš, CTK

Scrummage in front of the Karviné goal in the game at Bohemians.

Well, he hit the spot. The stopper duo of Lukáš Hůlka-Daniel Köstl worked flawlessly, the latter did not lose a single header during the entire match. According to Veselý, the two defensive midfielders, Robert Hrubý and Vojtěch Smrž, presented themselves in a similar style. “Almost everyone played a decent game. Both the central defenders and both sixes stood out,” the coach of Bohemians was pleased.

His team thus prepared a really complex puzzle for Teplice, or rather their implementation team led by Zdenek Frťala. Before the next mutual game, played after the national team break, they have to estimate whether Bohemians will bet on the good old three-man defense, or if they will stay with the four-man one. After all, she helped them to three points against Karviná. “We can be less legible for opponents, it will be more difficult to prepare for us,” Veselý realizes.

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