Even Asian women are afraid. Esk table tennis player Hrachov celebrates 4th place

Even Asian women are afraid. Esk table tennis player Hrachov celebrates 4th place
Even Asian women are afraid. Esk table tennis player Hrachov celebrates 4th place

This year she celebrated fifty years of playing table tennis. And on Sunday, he celebrated the jubilee of the Edestina celebration.

How did your dad come up with the idea of ​​you playing table tennis?
The father was an athlete, but he had a colleague at work who was the chairman of the table tennis club in Frdlant nad Ostravic. At the time, there were only two tables for young people, for twenty children, in the playroom, so I started at home and my brother and I fought against me. And when I started to pee a little, I regularly went to the ward.

Marie Hrachov

With 11 medals from the World and European Championships, she is the most successful Czech table tennis player. At the European Championships in 1986, she won the title in singles with Bettine Vriesekoop from the Netherlands and the title in singles with Jindich Pnsk, two years later she and Pnsk were teammates. She won bronze medals in doubles at the European Championships in 1984 and 1992. In 1984, she won the TOP 12 tournament in Bratislava.

She won 14 medals at the junior world and European championships.

She started at the Olympic Games in Seoul 1988, where she was fourth, and Barcelona 1992, where she finished ninth.

Jin sports vs nelkaly?
I wasn’t good at all of them, but I enjoyed ping-pong and I wanted to prove something, so I gave it my all. When my trainer Marta Novotn took me to Ostrava, the rest of the team wondered if she had gone mad.

You were born in Ostrava, but as a child you grew up in Frdlant nad Ostravice, where you started playing table tennis. How did you get to Vtkovice?
Such a dog I used to go there twice a week, but it gradually decreased. When I got to the center of top sports, where Marta Novotn was the first trainer, that was it.

In the early years, during the times of Milan Orlovskho and Jindich Pnskho, table tennis was extremely popular. m that, eu years behind?
There are no consequences. From them, I will take part in the given sport. Take a look at biathlon, how it went to the top, when men and women collected medals in it. Decide the consequences. This is the ppad of Lezen and Adam Ondra.

Does Zjem o men sports show itself in waves depending on how sleepy they are?
Yes, but people, play ping-pong under your breath. There are those tables in the game room where we play, and if you don’t reserve them, you hardly have anything to eat in the afternoon. I will eat them. Our table tennis players should know that we have a large warehouse around the world. It’s just about millions of games and games… They say they have fifteen million, but I would say more.

The overwhelming beauty of Asians never bothered me?
Not exactly. I really enjoyed playing with Asian girls, it suited me. I traveled a lot to Japan, then also to North Korea, and gradually to that and other countries.

Today, many European national teams rely on a lot of naturalized an…
They don’t grow as much here in Europe as in other Asian countries. He prepares there regularly and eight hours a day. In Jin Korea, each game had its own manager, and he commanded them. They just thorned, ate, regenerated, had their physiotherapist. That in Asia petrvv. For this, they were supported by a company and until they could work when they ended their careers.

So far, you are the only European woman to be among the top two table tennis players at the Olympic Games. You died in Seoul in 1988.
I appreciate that a lot, even though I was sorry that there was no medal. I’ve been playing there all the time, but my form has dropped in the last two days. I was very afraid of Asian women. ance, I played in the semifinals, my hand was shaking, that was obvious. If I played like before… koda. Getting through ten days in the best shape was not easy.

Do you value more the title of European champion in the tie with Jindich Pnsk, or the individual European champion?
Tko hon. Eleven medals from the European and World Championships. Everything has its own history and value. I’m looking forward to competing in the TOP 12 best European women’s tournament (norwegian 1984), because we played it with each other, which was from the system. It was in Bratislava in the days of Slovakia, and seven thousand girls went to the rescue. I also value the fair play award I received in 1987 at the World Cup in India. Here he received only one game or game every two years for long-term Estonian breeding.

Czechoslovak table tennis player Jindich Pansk and Marie Hrachov play for the European champions in the third round.

Was it difficult for you to hit the high-stakes emotions?
You know that, right? (laughs) the hunter, when there are many thorns, wants to win. But you had to stay calm. At that time, I also worked with a psychologist. If you want to play the game, you have to have technique, tactics, psychology and physics. And when you want to prove something, also stable results.

In addition to leading the women’s extra-league team, you devote a lot of time to children in your club. Does it float vs it?
I had fun. But especially when I see that you at least want to work on yourself. If not, it’s not that nice and I have to force myself.

Are there any saints among you?
They are, but it’s a long-term job. And it’s not just the head coach, but also the child and the game itself. Arrests are the worst. They don’t start individually, but they are put together, it’s about eight or ten years. And then it starts to be great, you start having holes and it goes automatically. Don’t be sure when you need to change a hole, whether to include a counter, block, or topspin, how long it takes. The time to decide what to buy is very long.

Do you know how to beat kids in sports? Or many in puberty end…
It depends on how motivated you are and how you help your parents, you can’t do it without them. One or two, don’t scold them. The family must also help with rescue routes and the like. And sometimes I even force the child to drink on a thorn, to get it away from you.

In the women’s extra league, you led Frdlant nad Ostravic, CDU Ostrava and now the MH Table Tennis Ostrava bears your name. How did it come about?
The people around me, my closest colleagues, persuaded me to give my name to the club. I’m just sorry he can’t make it. Some of them wanted a family, so they died and it was not possible to replenish the company sufficiently. We have never been so happy on that ride (after seven rounds of the extra league with two belts and five points, the team is in the top ten, last).

Last season, you started in the Jet Extra League. Not this one?
That’s when I was surprised when one girl got hurt to help the others. You don’t. I have problems with my knee, I’m after surgery, I don’t have a meniscus, so it’s bone on bone and I didn’t want to do the surgery.

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