Lischka had to watch himself so that he didn’t show up at Sparta. This match is always something more, he admitted


Lischka played in the first football league in the jersey of four teams. He tasted it for the first time in the 2017/2018 season in Karviná, from where he headed to Jablonec after seven matches. Only the duels of the other two teams, whose jersey he had the opportunity to wear, bring him to a boil. In the summer of 2019, the native of Ludgeřovice was bought by Sparta from the north of Bohemia, from where he first went on loan two years later, and in January 2022 he joined Baník Ostrava permanently.

And the battle between the two last-named clubs will take place on Sunday. “As the captain, I can promise the fans that we will not give them anything for free and we will fight to keep all three points at home,” emphasizes the 26-year-old captain of Baník.

With a match against Sparta Praha, Baník will start a brutal home triathlon, which will continue with a match against Plzeň (December 3) and end with a match against Slavia (December 17).

You worked in Sparta, but due to heart problems you only played nineteen games for them in two seasons. Are you still looking forward to this battle a little more than, for example, the matches against Jablonec or Karviná, where you also played?

It is probably a little different for everyone to play against the teams in which he was active. And when you are in Baník, playing against Sparta is always special. Sparta means something more to me, because I worked there, but also with regard to the great rivalry that has existed between the clubs for a very long time.

It will be sold out. Can you feel that Ostrava lives with this match?

We will be driven by a sold-out stadium, I’m really looking forward to it. I played in Karviná last week with three yellow cards and had to be careful not to get a fourth, which would have meant that I would only have to watch the match against Sparta from the stands. I had it in my head a bit and it turned out well in the end, so I can start the match.

Is it difficult to keep track? Did you go into fights less aggressively?

I still went one hundred percent into every fight. But I was hoping that something similar to what happened recently in three consecutive matches would not happen to me. I got a yellow card every time in Olomouc, against Pardubice and in Teplice. I don’t remember that ever happening in my career at all. I hope I don’t get a card for that match again.

Before Sunday’s match, Sparta played a Europa League match in Glasgow on Thursday. From your own experience from Jablonec and from Sparta, you know what it entails. Can her demanding program be your small advantage?

Of course, some percentage can play in our favor, some players can be a little more tired. But Sparta has a full squad, the quality of the players there is huge, the coach has the opportunity to replace players. But I know from my time in Sparta that going to Ostrava was never fun. The fans don’t like each other, they know how to transfer it to the players, and then it sparks on the pitch. The rivalry is huge.

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David Lischka from Baník Ostrava and Lukáš Haraslín from Sparta Prague.

Sports director of Baník Luděk Mikloško recently said that you surprised him with how you changed in the role of captain. That you can suddenly be heard both on the field and in the cabin. Do you feel the same way?

I think I have spoken before. But of course the role is a bit different, more demanding. Now that I have the captain’s armband, I want to take it on more. I try to talk more on the pitch, put more emotion into it. It comes naturally to me and I feel better about it match by match.

After being eliminated from Zlín in the MOL Cup, the fans were very angry. How did you handle the fact that you blocked your way to the success that Ostrava has been waiting for for a long time?

We were disappointed as were the fans. We were not surprised by them. We ended up in the round of 16 of the cup for the third time in a row, even though the draw was kind to us and everyone expected us to beat Zlín and advance. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. We messed up that game, it didn’t go our way and we pissed off our fans. Hopefully, with the win in Karviná on Sunday, we at least apologized to them a little and we can continue to fight for the top places in the league.

After the win in Karviná, did the mood in the cabin change a lot before the important match against Sparta?

Maybe yes. Both the fans and ourselves are hungry for success. The cup Europe is still tumbling and we were all aware that the shortest route to Europe leads through the cup. The victory in Karviná was perhaps such a small patch.

The only player in the team who is thirty years old is defender Jan Juroška. Everyone else is younger. Does the current Baník have what it takes to win cups and then survive in them?

The squad went through a big change in the summer, and we didn’t know how the team would fit in, how it would work. The start was bad, our game face didn’t look good. Over time, however, we started to rise and on the pitch we are proving that we have that quality. We are a young team, but we will want to fight for that success. The road to the cups through the league is long, but if the opportunity is there, we will fight for it. But we’re not even halfway through the season yet. It’s all still a long way off and we have a lot of work ahead of us.

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