Alex Pereira reacts to the win over Walk and winning the title of champion

Alex Pereira reacts to the win over Walk and winning the title of champion
Alex Pereira reacts to the win over Walk and winning the title of champion

Unfortunately, the UFC 295 tournament didn’t end the way we wanted it to. Jiří Procházka gave a great performance, but unfortunately he did not guard one left hook, which Pereira has deadly. Unfortunately, it turned into a crisis situation, into which the referee may have jumped before it was necessary, but unfortunately history will not ask about that. Jiří Procházka takes another loss, while Alex Pereira becomes the light heavyweight champion.

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Jiří smelled blood, so he lunged at Pereira, but he was able to land his left hook even in a small space, and Jiří was in trouble. The autopilot worked and BJP went for the takedown, but even there Poatan reacted promptly and threw several poisonous elbows, after which Jiří went to the ground, where he would probably try for another offensive, but the referee decided that he had already seen enough and the fight might be unnecessarily premature he stopped Unfortunately, it is a loss for Jiří and a win for Alex, who after winning the second title challenged his rival Adesanya.

“I’m not at all surprised that it turned out that way. I hit him hard and he immediately threw himself at my feet. I continued to attack there, so I think it was a good finish.” Alex Pereira responded at the end of the match.

“It’s an honor to claim another win at MSG. It is a very important place for me. Of course I’m happy to get the title. I am very grateful. I’m not a person who would just challenge anyone, but there is a fighter with whom I have not settled. He once talked about me being just the guy who would go around the bars talking about how he won. That motivated me to push myself and get this far. He said he won’t be back until 2027, but I think he’s a very talented fighter who shouldn’t waste time. So I’ll just save him and give him a chance. We’ve wrestled many times before and we can do it again. Adesanya, I am here,” continued Pereira, who challenged his rival to another match.

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