Most in France took up a deficit of 13 gl. The procedure is air-tight, mind-blowing

Most in France took up a deficit of 13 gl. The procedure is air-tight, mind-blowing
Most in France took up a deficit of 13 gl. The procedure is air-tight, mind-blowing

Tinct gl is a huge loss, especially against such a high-quality team, which is in fourth place in the French league, acknowledged Vladimr uma, coach of Ernch Angel. The procedure is again such a breeze that we will lie to ourselves. The performance difference between them is simple, and the type of fabric will be very heavy.

The bridge led by 10 points, but a collapse towards the end of the first half brought it down to minus 7. And the home team doubled their lead after a few points. six goals eased the debacle of guest Maarka Ogonovszk and Kuxov, the French team scored eight goals against the Houettes before the sold-out hall.

We had a sunny start to the match, the goalkeeper was catching the goal for a very long time, we defended with concentration. Then we started making mistakes and dropped our game and suffered an eight-minute lapse without conceding a goal, when we made technical mistakes. The same thing happened again in the second half, and the opposition took advantage of it, regretting the former representative, who has led the nine-time champion since the summer.

As for bridge girls, Vladimr has different instructions during the preparation.

At the post-mortem lot, he announced that his Most had received one of the most difficult matches in fate. And that was confirmed. The main difference is in aggressiveness. Have very good footwork, one on one, there’s a lot of dynamism. They are typologically yin balls.

Before Saturday’s rematch, Most was in the home league of the interleague, in the center of the guest of the co-leader Dunajská Streda. We go in the mode of Wednesday – Saturday, which is tough both mentally and physically. And in France it was understood that we had a hundred battles behind us, there were not many forces, observed uma.

Both matches, Wednesday and Saturday, will start at six o’clock in the evening.

European Handball League

water race 3rd round

Chambray Touraine (France) – Most 33:20 (17:10). Most goals: Houetteov 8, Mielkeov-Offendalov 6 – Ogonovszk and Kuxov 6 each, Stkov, Jestrbkov and Somionkov 2 each. Divk: 723. Rematch in Most will take place on Saturday.

European football game

water race of the 3rd round in Cheb

Kynvart – SEW Westfriesland (Netherlands) 31:24 (13:10). Most goals: Patrniakov 8, Kapusniakov 6, Vvrov 5 – Op den Kelderov 6, Veltropov 5. Rematch will take place on Saturday.

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