Come to daddy! Israel Adesanya reacts to a challenge from rival Pereira

Come to daddy! Israel Adesanya reacts to a challenge from rival Pereira
Come to daddy! Israel Adesanya reacts to a challenge from rival Pereira

It almost seemed that Pereira was completely uninterested in the new title. In his post-match speech, he clearly focused on his middleweight rival, who was the last to finish him off. Indeed, Pereira invited Adesanya to come to light-heavyweight for him. Although Poatan leads across sports 3:1, he obviously sees the series as 1:1 in MMA and a decision must be made. What about Adesanya, who recently let it be known that he will take a very long break?

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“I’m not at all surprised that it turned out that way. I hit him hard and he immediately threw himself at my feet. I continued to attack there, so I think it was a good finish.” Alex Pereira responded at the end of the match.

“It’s an honor to claim another win at MSG. It is a very important place for me. Of course I’m happy to get the title. I am very grateful. I’m not a person who would just challenge anyone, but there is a fighter with whom I have not settled. He once talked about me being just the guy who would go around the bars talking about how he won. That motivated me to push myself and get this far. He said he won’t be back until 2027, but I think he’s a very talented fighter who shouldn’t waste time. So I’ll just save him and give him a chance. We’ve wrestled many times before and we can do it again. Adesanya, I am here,” continued Pereira, who challenged his rival to another match.

What about Adesanya? He remained icy cold and recalled his message that he would freeze Pereira like in the Frozen fairy tale. He didn’t succeed in the first UFC fight, but he did in the second one. Because he lured Poatan into a net and thus ended him harshly.

However, it seems that he is no longer interested in another fight. “I live for free in your head. However, I am a good sleeper myself. Let it be,” Adesanya said, alluding to the theme song of the aforementioned fairy tale, Let It Go.

But Pereira obviously won’t let it go. He probably won’t lose weight to middleweight, but he would have a good time with his rival in light heavyweight. The catch is that Adesanya doesn’t have a title, so it would be out of place for him to leapfrog everyone at light heavyweight now. The story has it, though, so we’ll see what UFC management comes up with.

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