Zemanov finished sixth at the cyclocross SP in Dendermonde

Zemanov finished sixth at the cyclocross SP in Dendermonde
Zemanov finished sixth at the cyclocross SP in Dendermonde

The two-time champion of the Republic of Zemanov set a personal best in the elite series a week after winning the bronze medal in the under-23 category at the European Championships in Pontchateau. The best result of 20 years of cyclocross in SP so far has been two ten cities. Last time in December 2019 in Namur was Kateina Nash, a seductress from the Czech national team, in Zemanov.

Due to the busy schedule, some elite seductresses did not start in Dendermonde, including the reigning World and European champion and the first two female seductress of the season, Fem van Empelov from the Netherlands. At the highest level, she was outclassed by compatriot Ceylin del Carmen Alvaradov, and with her first win in the World Cup after all these years, she broke the streak of Dutch cyclocross women to 27 falls.

Dutch Lucinda Brandov finished the race with a distance of 37 seconds when returning to the turn. After those years, for the first time since January 2021, thanks to the British Zoe Bckstedtov, another non-Dutch seductress has reached the stage. the first European under-23 champion reached the finish line two and a half minutes after the finish line.

In an unusually long lead, Zemanov spent 58 minutes on the tough track and won the battle for the first position with the Dutchwoman Aniek van Alphenová. She lost 2:22 minutes to Alvarado.

So the male seducer had a Dutch wife. Pim Ronhaar finished the first race of the year in the elite category with a jump of 16 seconds ahead of compatriot Lars van der Haar, he won in Maasmechelen just two weeks ago. Tet was the Belgian Laurens Sweeck.

The eventual champion of the Republic, Boro, moved only in the water on the edge of the elite board and finally finished seventeenth with a distance of 1:58 behind the leader. The first European champion did not even start in the men’s sculls, the Belgian Michael Vanthourenhout became the champion a week ago.

Seril continues with a fourth job in Troyes, France in a week.

WC in cyclocross in Dendermonde (Belgium)

Moo: 1. Ronhaar 56:04, 2. Van der Haar (both Netherlands) -16, 3. Sweeck -27, 4. Iserbyt -33, 5. Kuypers (Vichni Belg.) -40, 6. Kuhn (incl. ) -42, …17. Boro -1:58, 42. Cuba (both R) -2 rounds.
Prbn poad (after 3 of 14 leads): 1. Van der Haar 91, 2. Iserbyt 82, 3. Ronhaar 79, …23. Boro 13.

women: 1. Alvaradov 55:45, 2. Brandov (Netherlands) -37, 3. Bckstedtov (Brit.) -1:35, 4. Norbertov Riberolleov (Belg.) -2:01, 5. Bakkerov (Netherlands) -2:11, 6. Zemanov -2:22, …28. Vankov, 29. Jebkov, 33. Hladkov (all R) all -2 rounds.
Prbn poad (after 3 of 14 leads): 1. Alvaradov 95, 2. Van Empelov (Netherlands) 80, 3. Bckstedtov 59, …8. Zemanov 36, 50. Hladkov 1.

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