et floorballist lost to Finland, they won the tournament in Malm pesto

et floorballist lost to Finland, they won the tournament in Malm pesto
et floorballist lost to Finland, they won the tournament in Malm pesto

In the EHT tournament, coach Jaroslav Berka’s Saints won the second round in a row, and overall, the Czech team managed to make history. Last year he celebrated St. Gallen, and before that in April 2014, he won the world’s best pole vault at home in Czech Lp.

He did not enter the floorball competition. At about 1:23, Waltteri Vesterinen opened the scoring after a pass by Tiitus Salokangas in front of Luke Bauer, and in 36 seconds, Oskari Heikkil beat Markus Salmi. In the 7th minute, Ji Best received the ball and passed it to Matji Jendrik, who scored the 70th goal in the dark.

The long-time mainstay of the national team is second only to Radim Cepek in scoring with 141 points and 71 assists. Cepek collected 143 points for 71 hits and 72 steals in 126 matches. With 128 duels, Jendrik is second only to Tom Sladk (132 matches).

In the middle of the first half, Mikko Laakso provided the goal on a break to Markus Salmi, who gave Finland a two-goal jump. In the 26th minute, after Bauer’s throw-in, Filip Langer saved. But Sami Johansson made it 4:2 at the stoppage of the auntie.

they then defended themselves after a penalty by captain Ondej Nmeka and equalized in a power play. At 57:45, he executed a combination after a pass by Matje Havlas Bene, and 37 seconds before the break, the main player of the time saved the German.

He didn’t succeed in breeding like the first Ben. Jendrik and Langer beat Oskari Flden, but Joona Rantala, Justus Kainulainen and Salmi fell asleep on the Finnish side.

He did not succeed in sweating in the tournament. It’s something we have to remove in five game events. Similarly, after the first successful match, we did not manage to hit the same high standard in all matches, which is necessary at this level, coach Berka said to the Czech floorball website.

On the contrary, what we got out of it were special situations. The game is on the pt, weakened and in the previous matches also pesylkovy. We will build on that meme in the future, added Berka. The EFT tournament in Malmö was also dominated by et juniors, and both Czech teams reached the top of the competition in one child.

The Euro Floorball Tour in Malmö

Czech Republic – Finland 4:5 after sam. runs (1:3, 1:0, 2:1)
Goals and bags:
7. Jendrik (Besta), 26. Langer (Bauer), 58. Marek Bene (Havlas), 60. Nmeek (Suchnek) – 2. Vesterinen (Salokangas), 2. Heikkil (Salmi), 10. Salmi (Laakso), 44. S. Johansson (Astala), single judge. Salmi entry. Decision: Matti, Broman (both dau.). Excluded: 1:0. Without vyuit. Savages: 122.

vdsko – vcarsko 6:5 (2:2, 2:0, 2:3)

Konen table

1. esko 3 2 0 1 0 18:14 7
2. thank you 3 2 0 0 1 19:18 6
3. Finland 3 1 1 0 1 13:13 5
4. vcar country 3 0 0 0 3 10:15 a.m 0

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