ONLINE: From 18:00 in Olomouc against Sigma


12/11/2023, Editorial Board

The 15th round of FORTUNA:LIGA awaits Slávisty after a dream rematch against AS Rome. What line-up did the coaching staff choose for the match at Hané?

Compared to Thursday’s duel, the starting eleven made four changes. In the midfield, Oscar Dorley will be joined by the recovered Petr Ševčík, who is returning to the starting lineup after almost two months. Conrad Wallem will be operating on the left side, Michal Tomič will be on the right side. Muhamed Tijani will take the position of striker.

Due to health reasons, Ivan Schranz, Matěj Jurásek and the long-term injured David Pech are missing.

ASSEMBLY: Mandous – Masopust, Ogbu, Holeš – Tomič, Ševčík, Oscar, Wallem – Provod, Tijani, Jurečka

BENCH: Wheeler – Sinyan, Zafeiris, Tecl, Chytil, van Buren, Bořil, Douděra, Dumitrescu, Hromada, Vlček

The match starts from 18:00 and broadcasts it live O2 TV Sport!


If you are not at the stadium and do not have O2 TV Sport available, you can let Radio Slavia guide you through the match. You can tune into the Slavia application and through the CZ Radio application!

The article is in Czech

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