A single hit decided! Eagles defeated Cologne

A single hit decided! Eagles defeated Cologne
A single hit decided! Eagles defeated Cologne

The hockey players from Znojmo win for the second time in a row on home ice, this time after a football score of 1:0. Petr Beránek scored the only accurate and at the same time decisive hit on Wednesday evening in the 33rd minute of the match. The young goalkeeper Jan Kavan performed brilliantly in the South Moravian cage, laying the foundation for the three points with a reliable performance.

At the beginning of the opening third, Kolín started actively. The guests tried in the first minute the attention of Znojmo goalkeeper Jan Kavan. Matěj Chalupa then appeared in Kozlů’s next chance, but his shot went over the goal of the young goalkeeper. During the first seven minutes, the Kozlovs had more of the game, at the same time they and managed to keep the Eagles at a safe distance from their own zone. The first attempt from Znojmo was sent by the eighth minute to the Cologne shrine of defender Zahradníček. But his shot flew wide of the left post. After that, Znojmo managed to create pressure on goalkeeper Soubut the defense of Central Bohemia was attentive. O a few moments later the home team created another opportunity. He fired between the circles Remtabut the attempt ended only in the equipment of the visiting masked man. At the turn of the tenth minute they sealed Kolín Orli again. This time it was a nice dayby chance. They burned interestingly, e.g. Freedom or Bukač, but they stayed here too toolineit is Stpercentage. Beránek defeated Soukupa with another blow in the order. Eagles managed to gain an advantage over the opponent in the second half of the period, to winI only missed a goal. In the best chance of the third period, UKasal in the third period Martin Šťovíček, who, the disc served failed to place between three rods. He immediately escaped the Znojmo defense Slide, he also did not overcome the lying Kavan. The first period did not change the score despite interesting opportunities.

In the second period, Orli flew very actively, which forced the guests to foul. However, the power play has no great chance it did not produce for the home. After the end of the numerical advantage, he got ahead Kolín, a shot on goal, but it meant nothing serious for Znojmo. More serious was Sklenář’s attempt, when Soukup interfered with his punch. In the further course of the match, the game spilled from one side to the otherso were the chances. Good and also continue you acted calmly bRanker Kavan. The South Moravian hockey players received in the twenty-ninth minute the advantage of the power play. She was already a bit more dangerous than in the previous peniodine. Matuš’s puck landed just next to the post, then Šťovíček shot dangerously a Bartko. This advantage too but remained unused. But Znojmo didn’t have to be so sorry. Berger’s shot still the Kolín goalkeeper startedbut fortunately for the home team, the puck bounced all the way to the hockey stick Peter Beránekwho no longer had the slightest problem with ending in a blank goals. The Kozlovs tried to answer as they escaped along the guardrail of the Forces, an attempt to backhand but the home goalkeeper eliminated the loop in time. Kratochvíl tried to imitate him two minutes before the end, but Jakub Soukup’s rebounder also featured here. The middle part of the fight thus clearly belonged to the home side, who worked it outand good odds and they got to knowledge.

The last third was again more active on the part of the Eagles. Kolín made a mistake in passing, which they tried to take advantage of players from the royal city. However, the visiting players successfully blocked the shot attempts this time. Znojmo was then guilty, and had to face twice a two-minute debuff. Mthe graceful goalkeeper Jan Kavan made several important saves in both cases. The guests five minutes before the end time was running out. They thus created more pressure on the eagle sanctuary. The Eagles were relieved by the numerical advantage. Captain Svoboda fired dangerously to the left post. But the goalkeeper had this part of the goal Marimex covered. Unfortunately, the Eagles failed to use the power play this time either. Kolín tried to spoil the result even when playing without a goalkeeper, the Eagles were able to overcome this factor as well and could celebrate an important win.

Testimonials from coaches

Tomáš Jakeš (Znojmo): Both teams knew what they were playing for. We have it complicated, they have it complicated. At the end of the table, it’s very even, and that’s why the game is really close. For the first ten minutes we were more or less groping each other, each maintaining his own system. After that we started to be bolder, we went slowly forward, and we waited to see who would make the first mistake. When we managed to take the lead, Kolín had to open up the game more and we had to be more careful. We are in last place, so we are trying to control the situation in front of us. We go from match to match, sometimes it’s more difficult, but the home environment certainly helped today. We now have to take action away from home and bring some points.

Petr Martínek (Cologne): We couldn’t score a goal, and without that we can only think of a goalless draw. The end has been bothering us all season and today it was a poor shot from our side. I wouldn’t say that the home team won completely deservedly, for me the match would have been at least a draw, but that’s just sport. On the other hand, when the Eagles played us, they were also excellent and it was also a tough loss for them, so today we chose it. Of course, we know about the quality of the players who operate here. However, we did not prepare for Znojmo specifically. We knew they had their shooters here, which is what we focused on. The home team took advantage of one chance that finally decided. I would say, however, that the team fulfilled what we said before the game, the only thing missing was the goal.

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