The Jizera 50 is approaching, the warm weather threatens the condition of the tracks

The Jizera 50 is approaching, the warm weather threatens the condition of the tracks
The Jizera 50 is approaching, the warm weather threatens the condition of the tracks

At the turn of January and February, conditions prevail in the Jizera Mountains without major snowfall and with temperatures often above freezing. This is a problem for the organizers of the popular race. “We are in daily contact with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, which does not expect significant cooling or new snow flurries in the coming days,” said Jizerská 50 press spokesman Richard Valoušek.

The final shape of the individual routes will depend on the amount of snow in different sections of the route. Traditionally, the problematic situation is at Kristiánov or Krásná Máří. The organizers are now mainly working to keep the snow on the road from the stadium in Bedřichov to the eastern part of the Jizera Mountains.

There, there are still good snow conditions in the higher parts, which should not be threatened even by warmer weather before the start of the races. “The main goal of these efforts is to have such a route prepared for the 57th year, from which the competitors will take away great skiing experiences. The race is still quite far away, so at the moment it is not possible to say exactly whether and what possible modifications to the routes will be necessary,” said Valoušek.

More information will be published by the organizers on Friday afternoon. This will make it clearer what effect the plus temperatures had on the snow conditions and what direction the weather will take in the next week. So far, it looks like a rainy weekend in Bedřichov, which should be followed by cooling. However, the forecast may change.

Online registration for the 57th edition of the Jizerská 50 closed on Sunday and it is currently not possible to register for any track. There are still a few free places left for the 17 and 30 km free technique races, the 10 km classic and also the children’s races. The organizers will inform about whether it will be possible to register for them during the race program on the official website and social networks next week.

Canceling the entire event is an extreme option that is not on the table yet. If this were to happen, the participants will be entitled to a refund of up to 70% of the entry fee thanks to the insurance.

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