Forbes presented a selection of 30 under 30. Look who made it


For the eleventh time, the business magazine Forbes has compiled a selection of exceptionally talented Czechs and Czechs under 30 years of age.

As in previous years, the list features familiar faces alongside those who excel in their field, but remain under the radar for the public.

“Every year we are looking for a completely new thirty young and talented people. In those eleven years, what?
We are compiling Forbes 30 under 30, so we have already presented 330 interesting personalities.
A number of them achieved even greater success in their field during the following years and still are today
an integral part of the community built around the entire 30 under 30 platform. And this year’s edition is
in our opinion, really strong, with the promise of great things in the future,” said Zuzana Krajíčková, head of the 30 under 30 project and deputy editor-in-chief, about the selection.

Forbes 30 under 30 list, year 2024:

Calin, 26 years old, musician

Popstar. After the release of the album of the same name in the spring of 2022, the native of Chisinau, Moldova, became a real star of the Czech music scene.

Source: Anna Kovačič for Forbes/with permission

Antonie Formanová, 25 years old, actress

You may remember the multi-talented artist with great personal charisma from the movie Dukla 61from the drama The Ballad of the Pilot according to the script of her grandfather Jiří Stránský or from the period Occupationwhere she also received the Czech Lion for her role.

Source: Anna Kovačič for Forbes/with permission

Terezie Lexová, 27 years old, designer

With partner Štěpán Smetana, she created the Hide and Seek seating furniture collection for the furniture brand Polstrin. And it was this that brought her to the top of Czech design, after she won the absolute victory in the Czech Grand Design competition.

Iva Suchá, 26 years old, manager

Her passion is IT and her pace is admirable. Under her maiden name Vondrová, she joined the consulting company KPMG six years ago, while still studying at the Faculty of Informatics and Statistics of the University of Economics.

Ladislav Krejčí, 24 years old, football player

When, after nine long years, football club AC Sparta won the league title last year, the words of thanks from its fans were mainly aimed at captain Ladislav Krejčí.

Ladislav Krejci
Source: Anna Kovačič for Forbes/with permission

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