Pure hatred in the Hana derby. The pig disappeared from the ice, the taunts didn’t: He can’t skate


/VIDEO/ With a camera, we visited one of the most hostile camps of hockey fans. In the winter special of our series Derby over the hill, we present the derby between the Jestřáby from Prostejov and the Zubry from Přerov, which historically brings pure hatred to the streets, but also a great atmosphere and great choreo.

Derby over the hill – 6th part, winter special – LHK Jestřábi Prostějov – HC Zubr Přerov

| Video: Diary/Ivan Němeček

Fights between fans, pyrotechnics flying from one sector to another, the intervention of heavy-duty players, a pig’s head directly on the ice – all this was part of this derby a few years ago.

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This time we didn’t see anything like that, the visiting sector was unexpectedly empty, so we found out if, according to the fans, the “battle for Hana” had lost its cool.

Source: DENÍK/Ivan Němeček

A quiz among the spectators, an excellent sausage for a hundred, a rather racist shout and the clever zero of the hero of the match. You will see all this in the winter special of our different football video program.

In the fourth part of the Derby over the hill series, we visited Havířov for a battle with Bohumín. Miroslav Matušovič welcomed us

An incredible goal in the derby in Havířov. Matušovič played in tennis shoes, average sausage

And how did it turn out? The visiting Zubrs rejoiced at the 2:0 win, who won on the ice of their arch-rival for the second time in the season and equalized the mutual balance in the regular season at 2:2 for the matches.

The match was finally decided by birthday striker Daniel Indrák. An interesting move paid off for the guests, when they left the star of the last matches, goalkeeper Michal Postava, on the bench and let his substitute Josef Němeček shine in their goal area.

Chance league: Jestřábi Prostějov - Zubr Přerov (January 27, 2024)

PHOTO: A successful move with the goalkeepers and a disallowed goal. The fourth Hana derby for Zubry

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