Army Winter Survival was won by artillerymen from Jinci. The race culminated in a biathlon

Army Winter Survival was won by artillerymen from Jinci. The race culminated in a biathlon
Army Winter Survival was won by artillerymen from Jinci. The race culminated in a biathlon

According to the official results, the athletes won against the Star Boleslav Logistics Agency team A, and the team from the 53rd Opava Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare Regiment finished third. The best foreign team is the company of French soldiers in seventh place.

The shoot is a perfect preparation, because the hunter will have a lot of experience, which otherwise he will not get until he gets into the real action, said one of the members of the team, Vojtch Neumann.

His dark colleague Matj Picka started in the lead at the post. I was runner-up several times and I always dreamed that I wanted to win one day. Today I succeeded, I reached the goal and the race will not be there for me, he concluded his speech with the fact that he wants to help the organizers with his experience.

the weekly extreme lead closed the two-round biathlon taffeta lead, with a grant to the customs and a beam of laser beams around the mountain hotel Petrovy kameny below the peak of Praddu.

The team from France performed best in the pole vault and the grant throw. tafetov bh was taken over by the soldiers of the Logistics Agency from Star Boleslav. But even that was not enough for them to overtake the favored team of the 13th Infantry Regiment from Jinc in the final stage, which led the battle throughout the lead.

All 19 military teams from seven countries lined up for the start on Thursday morning. In addition to companies from the Czech Army, also from Belgium, France, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia. During the day, the men had to overcome roughly 100 kilometers of mountain terrain to the Jesenky Mountains.

In biathlon’s taffeta, the seductress put on lye again for a long time. In those parts of Jesenka, due to the lack of snow, they had to climb the boards for a kilometer with all the equipment they needed to climb the walls without them. They spent two nights outside.

When we get to such an extreme descent, it’s an escape from reality for us, said Miroslav Hovorka, pilot of the 22nd helicopter depot near Nmt nad Oslavou. He admitted that for him and his team this year, the multi-kilometer runs were probably the hardest.

We expected it to be a disaster. Unfortunately, the snow conditions did not allow it. In addition, we encountered a problem with our shoes, and that made us so uncertain whether we would make it, he stated.

For experienced resident Ladislav Sas from the company of the 7th Mechanized Brigade from Hranice, the lack of snow literally made up for the darkness. He summed up his impressions, it’s a total seduction and the skills on the lych can help a lot. however, he did not complete the one-day special training before the seduction with his team of colleagues. We always play sports at the party, it’s a lifestyle, he added.

all the teams managed the lazy route, including the Active Team of the Brno Regional Military Command, who was injured by one of the lions during one of the climbing rounds that the organizers had prepared on the route.

Winter Survival earned the label of extreme temptation mainly because of its complexity. Although there are many extreme temptations in the world, only one of them is not particularly suitable for military darkness. Moreover, one of them does not contain such a number of different disciplines.

Every year, I try to organize another seduction. Hard and mainly original. The course of the discipline, which, in addition to the hundred kilometers through the mountain landscape, the participants have to overcome, will be announced the day before the start.

A seducer never encounters the same disciple two years in a row. If one year he has to overcome fear and jump on a rope with a free fall into the abyss, for another year he has to endure a rope bridge high in the crown of a tree, the release of a blind person in darkness from the top of a glass or the rescue of a living figure from meters of snow in a tomb.

The winner is the one who scores the most points in all stages. And points are scored – from the times achieved for the entire day to the completion of individual disciplines and passing all checkpoints on the route.

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