Newly grown Sikora ended his wait for a goal in the eighteenth match. I missed the puck, he was laughing


The promising under-18 representative got his chance in the 26th minute, when he received a pass from Viliam Čach in front of the goal, tricked Kladno goalkeeper Landon Bow with a backhand loop and sent the puck into the goal.

“Vila’s pass in front of the goal was nice, I indicated a shot, but the puck missed me a bit. And when I tried to stuff it up, it fell off my hockey stick again. But in the end it ended in a goal,” laughed the student from Třinec, who celebrated his eighteenth birthday on January 2.

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CHANGE: HC Ocelarí Třinec vs. Kladno Knights 5:0Video: Tipsport Extraliga / BPA

“It turned out great. I’ve waited long enough,” smiled Sikora, whose name the stadium announcer had announced once in the past. In the third extra-league game of his career in November of last year against Karlovy Vary (3:1), he mined the puck from under the goalkeeper Habal so vehemently that the judges credited him with the goal. “But then they took him away from me again. Rightfully so, because I only poked the goalie there, but it wasn’t me who got the puck over the goal line, but Andrej Nestrasil,” recalled Sikora.

Round 10 Třinec – Kladno

CHANGE: HC Ocelarí Třinec vs. Kladno Knights 5:0



Třinec – Kladno 1:0 (5. Nestrašil)




Třinec – Kladno, stick Kladno




Třinec – Kladno 2:0 (24. Jeřábek)




Třinec – Kladno 3:0 (26. Sikora)




Třinec – Kladno, injury to Cienciala




Třinec – Kladno 4:0 (44th Voženílek)




Třinec – Kladno 5:0 (48. Polášek)


No one will miss the hit against Kladno. Veteran Vladimír Dravecký brought the puck to him as a substitute. “I’ll throw it somewhere at home,” laughed the young man. “I’ll probably put it on the shelf so they can be seen. It will be the first such puck I keep.”

Sikora is just looking around among the adults, but she has someone to learn from. He has already played with both Martin Růžička and Andrej Nestrashil in the same formation. Slovakians Viliam Čacho and Vladimír Dravecký helped him score against Kladno in the fourth row.

“Siki is a great player. I also see him in training, he is a smart, hardworking, modest boy. He wants to improve, which is great. And he plays really well. How many times did he give the stick, now he finally got it, I’m glad. And I believe that he can still do something,” said the 38-year-old Martin Růžička, who is a generation older than the Benjamin of the Třinec team.

“It’s great to learn from players like that. Martin Růžička has had a great career. If I succeeded in something similar, I would be very happy,” Sikora confided. “I still have a lot of reserves, I have to work on my speed or on not recording instead of shooting. That’s what the coach reproaches me for and shouts at me in training to shoot,” said the talented hockey player.


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