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MARTIN DELLENBACH: We are satisfied with the development of the club and the results!

MARTIN DELLENBACH: We are satisfied with the development of the club and the results!
MARTIN DELLENBACH: We are satisfied with the development of the club and the results!

On the day of the training camp in Benidorm, Peliv caught up with Adolfo Dek. member of the board and co-owner of the club, MARTIN DELLENBACH, found time to meet with the Czech media during his stay in Spain, and we have a very Victorian straight pin in the days he was talking about. He evaluated half a year in Viktorka, outlined plans for the future and sent great praise to the fans.

Half a year has passed since you joined Viktorka. How do you rate this analogy?

Now I have to count on the water right away, because from our point of view we are the ones who are in it! It is self-evident that it is difficult to recognize all things, if you have only looked at them from the outside. But we know that there are great things here that you can build on and keep moving forward. The composition is excellent, I like how the mentality of all the people works here, the DNA of the clubs, the hard work, the desire to be the best. This is exactly what we need. In addition, I have to praise the Victorian fans for the way they support the club and the atmosphere they create at the matches. I would like to invite everyone to the start of the spring season, which we called Plzeň spring! It’s getting dark at your place and it’s all going to break out again and we’ll meet again at the Doosan Aren.

And when will we submit to the assessment of sports results?

It’s a battle. We managed to reduce the average age by a few years, but the sports results remained plus or minus the same. We play in European competitions, in my opinion everything is OK in the league. It’s about changing what works. We should try to move under pesto. Together with Adolfo dek and other people, we can do that. To sum it up: I am satisfied.

What did you think of the autumn season in the European Conference League?

That was perfect, great results! Again, let’s face it, we weren’t always the better team in every match, but in the end we managed to be the only club that won everything in the group. For me, this is the best signal, both externally and internally. They saw that when you put everything into it, they will go to the maximum to conquer everything! And our excellent fans must be so happy about it, it is so important for us.

Where do you go with UECL, what is your dream?

We will be upmn. We must always go for the hit with the fact that we want to win. This is a basic assumption. We want to try to go as far as possible, otherwise it wouldn’t even make sense. Of course, let’s try the lottery and see what kind of soup we get.

How dal duties are set for spring st?

We know how to play games at home. Take the road where we want to sleep. Even in the league, we have to work hard to finish as high as possible. Getting to the games, being in the TOP 3, that must be a minimum goal. We have potential, quality talent, everyone in the club must feel at the end that they did their best for the team. And when you do this, the result must not be painful. However, we will also deal with the future, let’s think of it with Pesach towards the summer, when it is probable that if we get into them, there will be another qualification and you don’t have much time there. Even the new game that they played now, let’s build it with this vision so that we are prepared.

Talk about the process of rejuvenation and evolution.

We play football a little differently than others, and we don’t really care about others that much. Let’s look at each other. And we have a clear idea of ​​what it should look like. It should be composed of those basic saws.

Can you describe them?

The first saw are players who go through the academy and get into the first team. Have a relationship with the region, identify with us and the club. And this goal should also be for talents from other regions. So that they want to go to them. Not because of the money, but because of the opportunity to get ahead. Every club has a great academy, they work with players for years, but then they practically have no chance to establish themselves in the first team, there is no space for them, they have global stars.

How is that kind of drink?

Play, let’s start in the range of 22-26 years old, who have the potential to move to a big club in the top 5 leagues. And we want to help them with this gradual development. For example, Pavel Bucha received a great offer from MLS. And even a game from my own academy can get into this category.

And did you drink?

Extreme dleit hri, I want to make it more expensive. We are talking about a range of 26 34 years. They have a lot behind them, they have played the clouds of their lives, they are experienced and they are ready to give this experience to young players, after all, to be their mentors. Can anyone think, I will come and play only with young people. But that is not possible. You need an old, experienced game that will guide you not only in the hits, but also in the cabins, in the entry, set values. In our country they are Hejda, Kopic, Havel, Chor and dal. My aim is to have a balanced time frame and not have too many young people, too many old people, too many with potential. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll have two of the biggest goals.

How long term are these tariffs for Victoria?

Every year we want to play for the title, to be at the top of the table. We want to play in Europe every year. And for that you first need a balanced CDR.

Is it a title shot?

Yes, under But you can’t be honest: we’ll start you again and win the title, it doesn’t work like that. We want to constantly develop the game and advance the game. Maybe I’ll say it a bit provocatively: I won’t just go and buy ten thousand-year-old ready-made fighters and think: I’m going to win it! But what will happen in a year? We want to be economically stable, have a vision and help the thunder on their way. If the title is not submitted, but all other things are fulfilled, it can happen. In my opinion, it is better not to win the title in one season, but he gave you nothing at all for years. This is not our vision of how the club should function.

Of course, the fans will also be interested in how the club is doing economically.

We are stable. We have a clear financial line and we are not under any pressure. This should remain as a goal in the future. We’re wondering when we won’t get to the Champions League, the European League…but there’s potential to always play there in the middle of the season. It’s a goal, a dream.

What is the most important part of your music?

I can compare it, for example, with the Austrian Bundesliga. The Czech league is very physical, based on athletic parameters. We like it very much and fit it into our structure. In the academies, we try to educate our game know-how on the technical side, when it all connects with the athletic ability, then educate players who are able to establish themselves in the top 5 leagues. When I look at the values ​​of our games in Viktorka, they are a benchmark in this respect, at peak level.

How do you perceive the rivalry with Sparta and Slavi?

It won’t change, it will be the same. On the economic side, there are others, not us, but they are going their own way, we, in turn, know how to do it and we are going to follow it. Everyone comes out of their own way, did their best, and at the end you wonder where everyone ended up. Viktorka was not always the strongest economically in the past years, but it still won six titles and was champion four times in the League. You just work with what you have to the absolute maximum. Otherwise go to the rivalry. It’s good for everyone, for the game, for the fans, that’s all. I will be happy when Sparta and Slavia can advance to Europe, we will collect points for the coefficient together, we will contribute to Czech football, we will build its image. Here we simply have to support each other. And in the league? We will always do our best there.

During the winter season, there was a lot of talk about Rafio Durosinmi’s move to Frankfurt. Is it a big disappointment to you that I didn’t make it even considering my financial situation?

No. I may be a little different on this and I will try to explain it. For me, it is our duty to do our best for the game, first the games are our second chapter, first for him it has to be time. Rafiu was injured and of course it’s sad for him, that’s logical. But he’s only 21! We talked to him and explained to him that nothing is wrong. You have to do everything to get you healthy again and back to normal. It is simply necessary to turn everything in a positive direction. And the big step? He’ll drink me easily in a year or two, at his age there’s nowhere to go.

And the financial side?

This is good, for example, compared to the situation a year ago. We are not under any pressure. Yes, it would be great if the transfer went through, we always talk about the fact that we want to make the transition to the top 5 leagues, which in the past did not happen so much and the Bundesliga was ideal in our opinion. Here we can see a slightly different approach that we have. It is not possible? Nevada. No economic pressure, we don’t have to collapse. He is a young boy, he has everything ahead of him. This is how we work with it.

In lt you talked about connections and cooperation between individual clubs in Austria and Viktoria. How is this probh?

Come on, it’s half a year behind them. This is all for a long-term perspective, about two years. But first things went well for her. We have always taken the two best horses of the category from the Austrian academy and allowed them to spend a week in Viktorka. They looked around, those days they were in their category. And we will definitely pick someone like that for the first team.

At the academy in Pilsen, since January, a trainer from Austria has been on the job. He works with local coaches and I think it works for both sides for a long time. However, the bottom line will be that the Russian athletes will do the same in Austria as they will in Pilsen. We add structure, d, coordination and cooperation to this and we want to be interesting for all talents.

How concrete?

Is walking into the first dark in Pilsen too much for you? Come to Lafnitz for half a year, learn how to play in the Bundesliga, and then you will be the one to move and make your mark. We are able to offer the entire pyramid from the fourth Austrian league, the first Czech league, the second and first Bundesliga and the European Games in Pilsen. It is up to him where and when to get his work. Percy van Lierop and I are in Pilsen two days a week, we are working on it and you will see the results in two years. It’s not right away, it’s not possible (laughs).

How do you cooperate with Adolf dek?

Cool! I feel like we’ve known each other for twenty years. And we work together for a long time. He is one of the best, maybe the best manager in the Czech Republic and I am sure he would be in other countries as well. For as long as I can, I can concentrate on the areas where I can move… mm and take a little distance from things, not when I would be in the center of the day like him every day. He played football 24 hours a day, and we’re the same in that, whether it’s morning, evening or night, it doesn’t matter – full on! We complement each other, have fun and move forward together.

Head coach Miroslav Koubek has a contract with the club until the summer. Are you here with him now?

Mra Koubek did a great job! Together with his realization, he completely merged with what we wanted, with viz. Great motivation. I’m a huge fan of experienced people like him. I’ll ask him about a vision and he’ll answer that he’s been in a situation like this ten times and it won’t work, I’m right. May it pass, in what is right. Such experts are of immense value to the club and it is good when you can use them. In addition, I would change to drive one due vc. Mr. Koubek is extremely open to new things, he wants to constantly learn and take an interest in it. I can imagine that it will help him in the medium term in various directions. Otherwise, to your question about the contract. We agreed to meet in the spring and evaluate all the factors. It will also depend on how the trainer is honored. Neither he nor we need to be under any stress at the moment. We’ll sit down and discuss it.

Let’s talk about the interesting transfer of Jindich Stak to Slavia. How did you see it?

This is an optimal example of growth that makes sense for everyone. Slavia got the captain they wanted, a representative. The game gave him the opportunity to change, to take a further step, to a new challenge, which he needed and wanted. Well, regardless of the financial aspect, we found two youth representatives that we probably wouldn’t have reached under normal circumstances. We have created a young game that fits into our system. All parties are satisfied, this is how it should work.

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