I have high expectations of myself, Italy has given me a lot, says Zima after returning to Slavia

I have high expectations of myself, Italy has given me a lot, says Zima after returning to Slavia
I have high expectations of myself, Italy has given me a lot, says Zima after returning to Slavia

David Zima sees his transfer from FC Turin back to Slavia as a return home. During the two and a half years in Italy, he had the feeling that he never really left the Prague team. The 23-year-old national team defender also said in an interview for the club’s website that his performances in Slavia will have to show that he played over thirty matches in the elite Serie A.

Zima first came to Slavia from Olomouc in the winter of 2020, a year and a half later he transferred to Turin, where he did not make much of an impression due to health problems. The Vršovice club bought him for around one hundred million crowns. “(It means for me) a return home. I was here for a year and a half, which for me were the most beautiful years of my football career. I would very much like to repeat them,” said Zima.

He was in contact with his former teammates from Eden all the time. “I never actually left Slavia completely, because I stayed in the players’ WhatsApp group until now. We agreed that they would leave me there so that I could be in contact with the players and the implementation team, so that I would know what was going on at the club.” admitted Zima, who won two titles with Slavia.

This season, he played in only six competitive matches in the Torino jersey and expected to leave in January. “A lot of clubs were interested. They were both foreign clubs from better European competitions, but also from lower competitions. There were a lot of clubs, it was quite a grind. In my heart, I hoped that Slavia could come out. But it was like on a swing. In the end it has definitely been confirmed, for which I am very happy,” said the nineteen-time international.

“I chose Slavia mainly because from the very beginning I was in contact with the coaches who wanted me. They told me that they would do their best to get me to Slavia. This was a great impulse for me to do something for to return to Slavia,” added Zima.

With the transfer fee, he equaled the historically most expensive arrival of a player in the Czech league. “I have the highest expectations from myself. I also put the highest pressure on myself. I come from a quality competition that is one of the best European leagues. It must be evident from my performance that I have played over thirty matches in Serie A. I will do my best, for Slavia to be successful. I don’t need to be interested in the rest, because the most important thing is the team’s success,” said Zima.

He evaluates the engagement in Turin positively. “In time, I will certainly like to remember that I took this step, although the last year brought me many problems and difficult moments. The first year, on the other hand, was very good. I gained a lot of experience from working in Italy, I learned a new language. Nowadays, it is very important that I have another country where I can communicate fluently without any problems,” said the Olomouc schoolboy.

He feels that he grew up in Italy. “My character has not changed, but I now know what I can expect from life and what I want to achieve, which is the most important thing. From a football point of view, I hope I have improved, but there are still a lot of things to work on,” he noted Winter.

“Working abroad gave me a lot of experience. I learned where the European top is and what I lack to reach it. Whether from a physical point of view, where it is mainly about strength, or from a football point of view. technique, game insight and experience. I know where my weaknesses are and vice versa my strengths. I will have to work on my weaknesses every day to turn my weaknesses into strengths,” he added.

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