VIEW: Sellers are buyers! But did the Canucks pay too much for Lindholm?

VIEW: Sellers are buyers! But did the Canucks pay too much for Lindholm?
VIEW: Sellers are buyers! But did the Canucks pay too much for Lindholm?

It is remarkable that in just one year, Vancouver has transformed from a club that let its captain (Bo Horvat) a house away, to a team aspiring for a long way to the playoffs and buying the most excellent reinforcements. Or have you seen a better center than Elias Lindholm among the available hockey players? The versatile Swede cost Kosatek general manager (and his compatriot) Patrik Allvin a good price for the first time, but a closer look explains a lot.

Sacrificing 39-goal Andrey Kuzmenko, a first-round draft pick, and conditionally another draft pick for a mercenary? And throw in highly productive junior quarterback Hunter Brzustewicz with Joni Jurm on top?

Yes, it simply shocks from a volley like that. Overseas journalists also write about a “steep” or “hefty price”, i.e. a hefty price, a hefty severance pay.

But the package that Calgary finally received is not very different from the one proposed by journalists from The Athletic, led by the legendary Bob McKenzie. They sent the Flames for Lindholm Kuzmenko, that year’s first-round pick, as well as Nils Höglander.

With the postscript that it probably won’t be as attractive a consideration as other clubs can offer.

Suddenly the real trade doesn’t seem so wild, what do you say?

At the same time, it should be mentioned that last year Kuzmenko had a famous entrée after moving from the KHL and scored 39 goals, but this year it doesn’t stick to him, he flies through the lineup and his two-year contract for 11 million dollars was a clear burden for Vancouver.

They are high in the Western Conference standings not because of Kuzmenko, but in spite of him. On the contrary, now the fans have to thank him for revoking his (non)transfer clause.

He was a man to shoot, and although the Flames probably promise him that he will recover in the game, they did the Orcas a favor by taking over Ruso’s contract.

Of course, Calgary, or rather GM Craig Conroy, did not do so selflessly. He ordered two draft picks (in the 1st round, he probably wanted all interested parties for Lindholm, that was the springboard for all negotiations) and two promising fullbacks.

Both drafted in the third round, one a right-handed slugger (Jurmo), the other a productive lefty (Brzustewicz). While Fin’s career is rather stagnant now, the 19-year-old American is attracting attention and growing for the NHL.

Maybe he would shine in time with the Canucks (but they have more similar backs), maybe not. However, it was more acceptable for Allvin to provide Brzustewicz with Jurm than to have a significant cut in the staff. The cheap and quick-footed Höglander has more value for him.

Considering that he is in the lineup, he plays regularly and will come in handy on his way to success in the playoffs.

And so Allvin preferred to release the fourth round in this year’s draft (conditionally) and perspective backs, there are still a few such defenders in the system, and it will be Quinn Hughes et al. to supplement with more experienced sacrificers (we salute Chris Tanev). In addition, he needed to impress Conroy, beat the competition.

Does it make sense? Yes. Is that even a generous return for a mercenary? Sure, but it’s valid.

Not only in the fact that the Orcas feel that they could attack the Stanley Cup unexpectedly quickly. Only one year after the departure of leader Horvat. And in the fact that they needed another elite central striker like salt, and such fighters play a key role on the way to the cup. In addition to his hockey prowess, Lindholm offers one more significant asset.

He’s playing under incredibly favorable conditions (his cap hit is just $4.85 million), allowing Allvin to further strengthen. After all, even the soon-to-be twenty-eight-year-old Kuzmenko cuts less from the salary cap!

If, in addition, the two northerners, probably only after the season, slap each other and agree on a new pact, Vancouver will simply rub their hands in happiness. Regardless of the outcome in the playoffs. And Allvin is establishing himself among the top managers in the NHL. The Canucks bought seemingly expensive, but in reality they were very shrewd.

Also thanks to the timing of the trade. Lindholm will have enough time to get along with the others, adjust the interplay for the key phase of the season, and on top of that he will complete a strong Swedish clique.

Hats off!

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