A decent collection, Sparta also defeated the third Nordic champion in the general round


Marbella (From our newsletter) – Start failed. Sparta got a goal after losing the ball in the middle of the field, Sebastian Nanasi then finished solo almost halfway across the field with a precise shot at the back post. “We had to change the organization of the game, but that’s also why I’m glad we met Malmö. We are trying more scenarios to stand in our passing game and beat the opposition. We reacted well, the second half was definitely better from us,” captain Ladislav Krejčí evaluates the match.

He then tied the score himself after a corner kick, when he was left all alone inside the goal after the ball was extended.

The people of Prague suffered when defender Filip Panák had to substitute. After the collision, he continued to play for a while, but eventually sat down on the turf and left the field accompanied by the medical team. The key hitter has a broken back, he went straight to the hotel.

Towards the end of the half, things started to get worse, especially Indrit Tuci and Qazim Laci were often not satisfied with the referee’s statements. After the break, the Czech champion completed the turnaround. The opponent fouled Jan Kuchta and Krejčí luckily converted the penalty in the 60th minute. The goalkeeper reached for the ball, but did not prevent it from going into the net.

“I am really satisfied. The wins are nice, but the performances are even more important at this point. And I can only praise the boys because, despite the great fatigue, they toiled and worked hard. “Some of them were running out of juice with Malmö, but they went all out again and showed an excellent performance,” says coach Brian Priske.

According to the captain, Sparta encountered an atypical opponent in the general round before the spring part of the season. “In the style of attacking and the position of their passing, the rotation of the wings or their ten, which caused us problems when taking over. So the system and another press, which we have not encountered before. A good test for us, now we will have to be able to react to other opponents while jumping between the league and Europe,” comments Krejčí.

Sparta has thus completed 100% preparation. “I’m also happy that when I go home to Scandinavia, I’ll know that we beat the champions of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. But as I said before: the most important thing is the performance, the players have enough of that. During the next week, we still have to adjust a few things before the league,” Priske is already looking forward to the duel in Karviná on Saturday, February 10.

Preliminary football match in Marbella (Spain):
Sparta Prague – Malmö 2:1 (1:1)
Goals: 11. and 60. (second from pen.) Krejčí – 8. Nanasi.
Sparta: Vindahl – Vitík, Panák (35. Večerka), Krejčí – Preciado, Laci, Kairinen, Ryneš – Tuci (74. Pešek), Kuchta, Birmančevič. Coach: Priske.

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