The fisherman appreciates the pressure from the media and fans. He takes it as proof of his interest in biathlon


The World Cup returns to the Czech Republic after 11 years. “It will be up to the athletes to grasp it. For me, they should accept full stands and trackside spectators as a driving force. For me, it is necessary to respect the pressure of the media and the fans, because it shows that people here are very interested in biathlon and are part of the events,” Rybář thinks.

Despite high expectations, he perceives the home environment as an advantage. “According to him, the championship in the Czech Republic naturally brings a lot of impressions. The coaches work towards the competitors so that they mainly take it in the way that the spectators came to support them, and not to deal so much with what they say about their performance,” says Rybář and looks for some advice on how to withstand all the tension.

“For the representatives, it will be best to stay a little bit in a shell, which although on the outside looks like their audacity or indifference, but for me it is more a proof of concentration,” says Rybář. “I understand some nervousness that can come from the fact that the championship is in our country, which none of the nominees except Michal Krčmář has experienced, but the mental adjustment is essential. It is necessary to push all the screws out of the head, which can be drilled in various ways,” he says.

Biathletes have not yet stood on the podium in the season. The closest they were in the relays, the maximum from the individual races is the eighth place of Michal Krčmár from the race with a mass start at the December SP Lenzerheide and the same place of Lucie Charvátová from the January cup sprint in Ruhpolding.

“We are not driving as we would have imagined, but we will certainly not improve our performance by increasing the pressure on the representatives. Rather, they need to get comfortable and I believe in some kind of medal. Actually, from my position, I don’t even have any other option,” explains Jiří Hamza, head of Czech biathlon.

All ten representatives will arrive in Nové Město na Morava already on Sunday, February 4. “Throughout the season, we have been plagued by shooting woes and the psychological uncertainty associated with it. We are trying to do our best so that they can sell what they have trained for during the championship. Now that there was a break, they can forget the scars from the season and I believe that they will enter the championship with a clear vision,” said Rybář.

Czech Post issued a special issue of stamps for the World Cup. “It’s a nice marketing thing to support biathlon. But we will popularize it the most when our competitors manage to achieve great results,” says Hamza.


The capacity of the reconstructed Vysočina Arena is 27,000 spectators, and six of the nine race days are already sold out. Biathletes from 33 countries will arrive in Nové Město na Moravá. “The World Cup is an extra thing. Incomparable to the World Cup. We are ready, a little nervous, but we can handle everything,” says competition director Vlastimil Jakeš.

“From the organizing point of view, we are most occupied with monitoring the weather forecast, which is so far disastrous, especially for the first week of the championship. A continuous downpour and no sub-zero temperatures are expected on the first day of the races. We have emergency solutions in place, but if it was freezing and nice, it would be easier,” says Hamza.

According to Rybár, rainy weather is not such a major problem for competitors. “They are used to it. They work hard, they dress well, and whether it’s raining or freezing, it’s just that they either feel better or worse,” he says. According to him, it will be worse for the audience. “I feel the most sorry for them, because it also gives the impression of a race. When you’re standing in the stands, you don’t have the choice to hide somewhere,” Rybář thinks. “I hope that even the Czech fan has learned to enjoy biathlon and will have a lot of experiences. We will try to do our best to make it pleasant for them,” adds the sports director.


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