Slytherin: Ihattaren the Swindler? He has demons in him like Fenin! If I had to bet on whether it’s going to stack up, I’d rather say no


“Klopp is one of the three best coaches in the club’s history with Messrs. Shankly and Dalglish. It has everything in it. He can smile in a friendly way, but when he puts on an angry face, one is afraid of him. He can be positive, but he also has the evil one with a whip in him,” says Šmicer, who had the opportunity to meet Klopp in person.

In the new episode of the podcast, he also commented on the still vacant position of manager of the national football team. Although the executive committee promised that it would be known by the end of January. “The situation is strange. It is the manager who consults the composition of the implementation team, which is now complete. I don’t know if a manager will even be elected. It was originally thought to give the function of a personality with experience from the school. When Pavel Nedvěd refused, there was talk of Zdenek Gryger, Tomáš Rosicky, Petr Čech, Karl Poborský or me. I expected that one of the names would fall,” points out Šmicer, who understandably follows “his” Slavia carefully.

The Stavangers are gearing up for the spring, they brought in several reinforcements in January. The last one, David Zima, at the end of the week. They bought the 23-year-old defender from AC Turin for 115 million crowns. “He didn’t play in Turin. Before the EURO, he must have considered what would be best for him to be able to fight for the nomination. He knows the club, the coach, the environment. And Slavia is now a better club than AC Turin,” says Šmicer.

And what does he say about the involvement of the Dutchman Ihattaren, who is accompanied by troubles and is dragged through the courts? After a period when he was preparing individually, he flew with the A-team to a training session in Portugal, after which he was transferred to the B team. Allegedly also due to misdemeanors in Portugal…

“Slavia gave him a chance, for some time he will try to create conditions for him to return to his former form. But so far it doesn’t look like he has the will. Some young guys with talent have demons within them that are stronger. They include, for example, Martin Fenin, whose career did not turn out as he imagined. Or Honza Šimák. If I had to bet on whether Ihattaren will be able to recover, I’d rather say no,” adds Šmicer.

Two seasoned footballers, Vladimír Šmicer and Robert Neumann, discuss current football events.

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