English duel in Spain. Rapist! Bellingham allegedly insulted Greenwood

English duel in Spain. Rapist! Bellingham allegedly insulted Greenwood
English duel in Spain. Rapist! Bellingham allegedly insulted Greenwood

Thursday’s end of the 20th round of the Spanish league showed the power of fan posts on social media.

The commentators of the broadcast did not notice anything during Real’s winning match (2:0) on the outskirts of Madrid.

According to Cadena SER, the country’s most widespread radio station, after the match, Getafe asked the referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea to put a report in the minutes and inform the delegate who was supposed to review the footage of the alleged insult.

The club is also investigating what the Bellingham star could have said, but is not filing an official complaint. Even so, the league management can initiate disciplinary proceedings against the twenty-year-old midfielder, although it is not expected that he would be punished in any way.

Football is sensitive to racist insults, but it does not deal with similar cases like the one from the Getafe stadium.

The English tabloid Daily Mail called in an expert on lip reading. Bellingham is said to have said the word rapist, rapist. Greenwood was and perhaps still is for many Britons.

An English talent with Jamaican roots, he started for Manchester United at the age of seventeen, and made his debut in the English national team at the age of eighteen. He gradually started playing regularly at the club. However, his promising career – in his twenties he had a famous record of 35 goals in 129 matches – was hampered by a police investigation.

In early 2022, photos of his battered girlfriend leaked to the public, Greenwood faced charges of attempted rape, assault and battery. He spent three nights in custody, United suspended him for a long time.

In the end, the court did not punish him, key witnesses suddenly retracted their statements. A year and a half after the affair broke out, girlfriend Harriet Robson gave birth to his daughter. The family lives together.

Despite his clean sheet, United were reluctant to take him back. Although they did their own investigation and concluded that Greenwood did not commit the crimes.

The 22-year-old midfielder has always been a troublemaker. He behaved arrogantly in the youth teams, during the covid pandemic and strict measures he organized exuberant parties, he did not arrive at the United meeting before the match without an excuse, he violated team rules in the English national team. But the club protected him for a long time.

United’s women’s players have also spoken out against Greenwood’s return, and some supporters’ representatives argue that the withdrawal of key evidence does not mean he is innocent.

Last year, at the turn of August and September, United sent him on loan to Getafe. In twenty-one games, he scored six goals and assisted on four. In the small derby against Vallecano, he received a curious red when he gestured to the referee to count uncalled fouls on him.

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