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Women’s Euro Hockey Tour for the first time in the Czech Republic. In Liberec, a background check is being prepared before the WC

Women’s Euro Hockey Tour for the first time in the Czech Republic. In Liberec, a background check is being prepared before the WC
Women’s Euro Hockey Tour for the first time in the Czech Republic. In Liberec, a background check is being prepared before the WC

We are very happy to host the tournament, it will be a celebration for the whole of Czech hockey. “I dare to say that this is the historically largest event of English ice hockey on the ground and at the same time we have that the bronze team from the ampiont is performing on home ice,” said the general manager of the team, Tereza Sadilov.

We know that not only the city of Liberec, but also the entire republic will be cheering for English hockey from the 7th of November and creating the best home atmosphere for our team.

For the women’s elite, the tournament in Liberec is the last test before the world championship in the USA, and it is also due to its importance. We want to give the strongest possible vote and build on the good results from the previous events of the Czech EHT. That’s why the team’s roster will also include the names of players starting in the PWHL, added Sadilov.

The coach of the Czech women’s national team, Carla MacLeodov, invited 23 goals, seven defenses and a tinct tonic to the north. All of them and for one dog in the garden. Among the nominees are defenders Dominika Lskov, Aneta Tejralov and forwards Denisa Kov, Kateina Mrzov and Tereza Vaniov, who recently created the female equivalent of the NHL.

In the nomination, there are two foster girls of Blch Tygic from Liberec: the goalkeeper of Vdsshka SDE Viktorie vejdov and the talented tennis player Tereza Plosov, who shone at the recent world championship for boys and girls under the age of eighteen, where she won a silver medal with the Czech Republic.

After losing the final, Czech hockey players under 18 years old with silver medals.

During the World Cup, we could hear the fans at home keeping their fingers crossed for us in front of the TV. We are learning to be fans at home naively. It is for us a general before the World Cup and I know that the same support that we have had for a long time will also be available to those who live in the hall, in the club of the old Djurgarden.

The Czech national team will meet under Jetd on Monday, Nora 5, they will play in the adjacent Svijansk Arn. All of the final matches of EHT will be played in the Home Credit Arena, where the home team in the extra league, Bl Tygi, will play.

The first matches of the tournament are scheduled for Wednesday, November 7. eky entry to the home business on Thursday from 18.00 with Germany. On Friday, they will challenge the Finns at the same time, on Saturday from 17:00 there is a duel with Včarsk, and on Sunday they will play against Vdkm from 14:30.

esk ensk hockey is on the rise, at the last two world championships, the women’s representatives won bronze medals. They will also be successful in the EHT series this summer: they won two tournaments, finished second once, and are currently in the lead.

Tickets for ice hockey in Liberec can be purchased online, daily tickets are for 100, 150 or 190 crowns. A ticket for all matches of the tournament costs 490 K.

The article is in Czech

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