Patrik Kincl talks about a possible return to KSW! What could OCTAGON do for him?

Patrik Kincl talks about a possible return to KSW! What could OCTAGON do for him?
Patrik Kincl talks about a possible return to KSW! What could OCTAGON do for him?

OKTAGON MMA middleweight champion Patrik Kincl revealed some time ago that his current contract expires in 2 fights or in June. After that, it will be decided what will happen next, in connection with which several variants are offered. The most talked about is staying in OKTAGON or returning to KSW, for which Kincl would be very valuable through the Czech expansion. How does Kincl himself see it?

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“It’s maybe also a bit of a question of ego and sporting goals. I still have deep inside me that I did not fulfill the mission in KSW, it was unsuccessful. I was really attracted to the title. It is a real possibility that I would still like to visit KSW. Of course I have a contract with OKTAGON. The first person I will deal with will be OCTAGON again. I want to be fair. I think we helped each other on both sides. I will be the first to negotiate with OKTAGON, if we don’t come to an agreement, I think an offer from KSW will be on the table,” explained Kincl for

Kincl will therefore first of all negotiate with OKTAGON and then possibly listen to an offer from KSW. Apart from better conditions, what could OKTAGON do to win him over? “Now the Pole Wawrzyniak, who defeated Vlast Čep. OKTAGON is now starting to recruit quality wrestlers for 84, I don’t know if they are signed. Scott Askham is there, I saw that Krzysztof Jotko also commented on some matches. These names would bring me back to OCTAGON. We’ll see.”

What is waiting for us?

10.2. Oberhausen – OCTAGON 53

Dalisda vs Dourthe – for the strawweight title

Dulatov vs Palailogos

? vs Askham

Khajevand vs Zawada

Broz vs Crosby

Pokorny vs Palokaj

Malach vs Aksu

Gumienna vs Smajić

Akipa vs Truscek

Brajshori vs Fajk

Al vs Votava

Zarabi vs Batfalsky

2.3. Ostrava – OKTAGON 54: Start Tipsport Gamechanger 2

Amirkhani vs Machaev

Grabinski vs Duque

Lengál vs Torres

Wanliss vs Siraj

23.3. Stuttgart – OCTAGON 55

Jungwirth vs ?

Poppek vs. Kimball

Kertész vs Stolze

Cordero vs ?

Petrašek vs ?

20.4. Birmingham – OCTAGON 56

Rock vs ?

Staines vs ?

8.6. Prague – Eden Football Stadium

Vémola vs Végh 2 – for the light heavyweight title

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