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In about a month, fourteen extra-league clubs will cross the finish line of the regular season. For the Jaroslav Pouzar Cup, even after changing the Dynamo coach, this takes into account our regular ranking. And how are the others?

1. HC Dynamo Pardubice +1↑
Hats off to Mark Zadina. Under enormous pressure, he guided the team to six consecutive triumphs after his arrival and, at least for the time being, quelled the debate whether the club had gone astray with a purge in the coaching staff.

2. HC Sparta Prague -1↓
The management has done its part, the rest will be on the part of coach Gross. The Spartans’ portfolio of reinforcements grew by four during January, the Prague giant leaves nothing to chance. Everyone is especially curious about the wounded

Zack Kassian

attacker, 33 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/zack-kassian/53938″>Kassian.

3. HC Steelworkers Třinec 0
Third to the party in the arms race. A period is slowly coming for Steelers in which they can shift to a completely different level. The scenes are set up similarly to last year, when Třínec was no longer trusted… But we all know how it turned out.

4. HC Kometa Brno 0
After Thursday’s (winning) game in the north of Bohemia, the Comets’ chances of a spot in the elite four rose to 37%. If she maintains her January rhythm in the final straight, she should not miss a direct advance to the quarterfinals.

————————————————– —

5. HC VERVA Litvínov 0
Three players in the national jersey? It’s great advertising for a club that has swept the basement of the extra league in recent years. Now you have to resist the attack of the hungry wolves below you. This is going to be very difficult…

6. Banes Motor České Budějovice +1↑
Especially the victory over the strong Sparta tastes wonderful. The engine is holding on tooth and nail in the fight for the TOP 4, but it loses a lot on the threatening balance from overtime and raids. When the basic playing time did not decide, he celebrated only twice out of twelve occasions.

7. White Tigers Liberec -1↓
The youngest team of the extra league is accumulating clouds of experience during the season. And besides… He’s also not out of the game for four! Coach Pešán can use, among other things, in the playoffs


Marek Zachar

attacker, 25 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/marek-zachar/17902″>Zachara and the returnees


Miroslav Mucha

attacker, 26 years old

” href=”https://www.hokej.cz/hrac/miroslav-mucha/10100757″>Mucha.

8. Mountfield HK +1↑
So what, five more times? Then the annals of the highest competition would be rewritten. There was even a joke going around the internet that if you bet on Mountfield draws, you would become a millionaire once or twice.

Of course, Vítkovice is not talked about as much as last year, but no one will want to fight with them in the elimination fights. Riders plan? Revitalize the attacking squadron that managed a single hit last weekend.

10. HC Olomouc 0
Everything as before. Mora does her own thing, without any worries, looking down, she heads for the lead lap. The striker is experiencing a real winter renaissance


Lukáš Nahodil

attacker, 35 years old

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