Is it you? they ask Lexa the driver. The legend of Liberec drives the bus


During the last month, Josef Lexa, behind the wheel, often heard the question when selling a ticket if he once played football for Slovan. “Sometimes someone recognizes me, especially now during the holidays I went from Liberec to Bedřichov and there were a little more people asking questions than usual,” smiles the former vigorous defender, who defended the English representative and later winner at Nisa almost a quarter of a century ago in the famous battle with the Reds Michael Owen Ballon d’Or. The North Bohemians lost 0:1 at Anfield in 2000 and 2:3 in the home rematch.

Josef Lexa drives the busVideo: Hynek

How did he get into driving a bus? For many years he worked at the Liberec Regional Hospital as an ambulance, but he quit a few years ago and worked for the delivery service. However, he had to quit six months ago due to health problems. “I hurt my elbow a little while carrying packages,” Lexa explains about her job change.

He ended his football career in 2005, but remained in soccer as a women’s coach. Currently in Liberec, the B team leads the women’s team. A curious situation may soon arise. When the B-team goes to an away match, their coach will also drive the bus. “Killing two birds with one stone,” he smiles.

In the future, it is possible that one day he will lead a first league team to a match. “I will definitely drive the girls to matches, and of course they have already asked me in the company if I would ever help further if they need it. Of course, since I’m training now, I can’t drive with an A yet, it wouldn’t be possible in time, but for the future? Why not, it would be such a gem,” admits the former footballer, who enjoys driving.

“I had a knack in life that I actually enjoyed all the jobs I did. If I didn’t pack so many packages and didn’t have hand problems, I’d probably still deliver packages. But at my age I have to look back on my health. And what are we going to talk about, being a chauffeur is not that physically demanding. Football was much more. Here I just have to be careful to fit behind the wheel,” he concludes with a smile.


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