David Zima one of the most expensive players in the league. Football really doesn’t make sense sometimes

David Zima one of the most expensive players in the league. Football really doesn’t make sense sometimes
David Zima one of the most expensive players in the league. Football really doesn’t make sense sometimes

David Zima’s transfer and return to Slavia Prague can be viewed from several perspectives. I already offered one of them in an earlier article. After it became known that David Zima will most likely return to Slavia. This view related to the sports side and also how it can affect the possible future transfers of Slavia.

However, the transfer of David Zima is also interesting from a perspective compared to other footballers, who came to the Czech league. According to available information, Zima cost Slavia about 4 million euros, i.e. about 100 million Czech crowns. David Zima is therefore one of the most expensive players who have transferred to the Fortuna League. Apparently, only Sparta gave more for Jan Kuchta.

For comparison. Nico Stanciu reportedly came to Slavia a few years ago for 4 million euros. That is, a similar amount as Zima. Jan Kuchta reportedly cost Sparta up to 5 million euros (including the original loan). Veljko Birmančević, who is in Sparta on loan from Toulouse, could become a regular player of the Leten club for around 4.5 million euros. In this case, too, it is necessary to add the original loan amount. Lukáš Haraslín left Sparta Prague for around 3.2 million euros, including the original loan.

What do these players have in common?

They are offensive footballers. They bring structure, creativity and goals to the endgame. Such players are always more expensive.

Nico Stanciu he was the creator of Slavia’s game, he knew how to make long passes to onrushing players, overcome the opponents’ defensive wall with penetrating passes, he was able to score a goal from a free kick or from play from medium and longer distances. Jan Kuchta he is a scorer, a striker, and also a hard worker. Such players are usually the most expensive on the market. Nevertheless, many were surprised that Sparta wanted to send such a large amount to Russia for him. But she evaluated it in such a way that it makes sense and so far it is paying off for her, even though Kuchta is not a simple person. However, its contribution is indisputable. Moreover, a foreign striker of his caliber would be at least as expensive, if not more expensive. In addition, there is no guarantee that it will adapt to Letná. Veljko Birmancevic he is also an offensive mover, he can score a goal, but he is also not lazy in his step, he is excellent in pressing and winning balls, quickly transitioning to the break. Lukáš Haraslín he is also a player “on the move”, moreover he is a scorer of important goals.

David Zima, on the other hand, is a defender.

Still young, certainly confident, fast, tough and forceful in personal fights. However, he sometimes has problems with quality passing. In his early days in Slavia, Ondřej Kudela procured it for him. So he is not a creative person, but an honest “worker” of the playground. David Zima didn’t make it in the average Italian club, AC Turin, and is coming back to Slavia for 4 million euros. That is, for an amount for which only above-standard offensive, creative players or shooters have come to the league so far.

How much have other defenders cost recently?

Igoh Ogbu, now a 23-year-old Slavist support of the back rows. An emphatic and fast stopper, the same age as David Zima. Ogbua’s market value today is estimated at €3.5 million. He plays well. Foreign interested parties are already circling him. Slavia will probably get a significantly larger sum for him in the near future. However, he came to Slavia from Lillestrøm SK for around 2.5 million euros. So about 62.5 million crowns. David Zima was now 37.5 million crowns more expensive than Igoh Ogbu from Turin. Do you think Zima is that much better stopper than Ogbu? Or otherwise. Is Zima even a better hitter than Ogbu? I think not. But of course it’s just my subjective opinion. The next few weeks may prove otherwise.

Asger Sorensen Yippee the stopper of Sparta Prague, in which his compatriot Brian Priske “made” him to help him calm down the center of the defense and remove the age-old Spartan pain, which Priske’s Czech predecessors in the coaching chair did not know how to deal with. The then 26-year-old Sörensen really helped Sparta. His transfer reportedly cost her 1.9 million euros. That is, not even half of the amount that Slavia gave for Zima.

David Zima’s transfer simply does not make much sense from many points of view. However, Slavia decided to do so. He has every right to do so. The owner must have blessed the management. And it also does not mean that in the end Zim’s transfer cannot pay off for Slavia.

Slavia has a new owner. They don’t have to sell at all costs. On the contrary, he has money. He wants the title. He wants it this year. He doesn’t want to wait for him until the next season, the next years. The league title, thanks to the high club coefficient, would also mean (unlike Sparta) direct participation in the basic group of the Champions League with a high probability. And Zima would pay for it right away. So Slavia is doing everything for immediate success. The coach wanted Zima. So he has Winter. We’ll see in May if it was the right decision.

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