The blacksmith did not recover after the blow to the head. Preventive reasons, the coach of Sparta reassured


The Spartan number one is experiencing a difficult month. In mid-January, Kovář got a disc in the neck in Liberec and due to an unpleasant injury, he did not catch until the end of the month. In Pardubice, he started for the second time in a row, but the very first minute of the second period proved fatal for him. From an angle, he tried to get past home team Zohorn in front of the goal and hit Kovař in the head with his hip.

The 35-year-old goalkeeper caught the middle action, but in the third period he was replaced in the goal, and reliably, by Josef Kořenář. “I think Kovy is fine, but it was better for Kořen to go in goal so that his injury wouldn’t get worse,” Pavel Kousal, the author of the first away goal, could reassure the Sparta fans after the end of the match.

42nd round Pardubice – Sparta

CUT: HC Dynamo Pardubice vs. HC Sparta Prague 1:3



Pardubice – Sparta, home team Will caught both Vitouch and Kassian




Pardubice – Sparta 1:0 (5. Poulíček)




Pardubice – Sparta 1:1 (14. Kousal)




Pardubice – Sparta 1:2 (15. Krejčík)



1:42 a.m

Pardubice – Sparta, injury to Jakub Kovář



Pardubice – Sparta, Pánik suffered a cut on the wrist




Pardubice – Sparta 1:3 (60. Buchtele)


The coach of the visitors, Pavel Gross, also confirmed that, on the recommendation of doctors, he withdrew Kovář from the goal as a precaution. In the third part, Kořenář had to save only seven shots from home team Pardubice, who were missing three important players, Sedlák, Kaut and Hyka. The good news for Dynamo is that the first two mentioned were already walking around the bowels of the arena without crutches.

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Liberec – Sparta, Sparta’s goalkeeper Kovář had to replace VlachVideo: Tipsport Extraliga / BPA

Pardubice took the lead thanks to Poulíček’s run in the first period, but the guests turned the score around within the first twenty minutes. The East Bohemians were subsequently unable to find a recipe for Sparta’s defense, in which reinforcement Nicolas Beaudin was not missing. “This is how every match should look, so that the opponents have as few shots as possible from the area in front of the goal. If it continues like this, it will be difficult to beat us,” Kousala was pleased.

Attackers Zack Kassian and Kryštof Hrabík also made their debut in the guest line-up, who lined up in the fourth formation with David Vitouch. They didn’t spend much time on the ice. However, according to coach Gross, both presented themselves well. In addition, Kassian was not far from improving his debut with a goal in the first period. But in the end he only spent a little over ten minutes on the ice. “They have to get used to the European rink, we don’t want to underestimate that,” emphasized the visiting coach.


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