Czech television has a huge problem. What he was doing to the children was revealed

Czech television has a huge problem. What he was doing to the children was revealed
Czech television has a huge problem. What he was doing to the children was revealed

Czech Television manages a seven-billion-dollar budget, which is paid for by all license fee payers. In the Czech Republic, this is essentially everyone who owns a television and, in the future, perhaps even just a mobile phone.

They mean it

At the same time, criticism is often heard that the employees of Czech Television have highly above-standard salaries and, moreover, working conditions where they are paid various compensations and given generous bonuses, and this at a time when the television is demanding further increases in fees, which people do not like at all.

However, when ČT needs to employ someone externally, so to speak as an extra, it pays rather ridiculous amounts and, moreover, seems to be breaking the law. This has now been shown in an ad that has caused a huge stir.

Czech Television is filming a series for its station Déčko, for which it was looking for child extras. It was supposed to involve children between the ages of 9 and 12 and would be filmed for approximately ten days. There would be nothing wrong with that, and many children and their parents would be grateful for it.

However, the problem was in the conditions. Czech Television required applicants to work on classic shifts from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. with breaks. And despite the fact that she explicitly talked about classic shifts, she offered a highly inadequate remuneration of 700 CZK per day.

They overdid this

You must be kidding me. Not only are the children not allowed to work 12 hours a day, but you want to pay them such a ridiculous fee,” one of the discussants wrote under the post. Other opinions were in a similar spirit, and the television preferred to withdraw the ad. Finally, she replaced it with a message that the capacity for extras was already taken. They say there was enormous interest.

However, Czech Television offered children of school age a fee of less than 60 crowns per hour. But trying to force children to work too long is probably even worse. A child under the age of 15 may not work for more than two hours during school hours and for more than 7 hours outside of school hours. He may not work more than 35 hours per week. In addition, there are strict limits for rest.

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Czech television tries to play it all into the car by saying that experience and the opportunity to participate in the filming of popular programs are important for children. However, not everyone agrees with this.

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