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New dispatch to the defense ad, Garrett McFadden. The Canadian back, who came to Karlovy Vary from Slovakia’s Poprad, clearly knows his duties this season! Collect as many points as possible from the spare parts of the warehouse. In the middle of the interview, he also revealed how he got to Europe, or how his non-profit organization works.

Garrett, get married in Karlovy Vary. How did you enjoy your first day here?It was great. Vera, I arrived around seven o’clock, so it was quite dark. So today (Thursday – editor’s note) I will take a walk and take a walk around the city. Otherwise, everything was fine, I’m settling in here and I’m happy with how it’s going so far.

How was your journey to Energy?Both the agent and I agreed that it was an opportunity to advance my hockey career so far. I had heard a lot about extralization, but even so it was a big step into the unknown. I want to move forward in the game, and that’s why I couldn’t refuse this mistake. Too much for it tm.

So it wasn’t all that decisiveNo, I wouldn’t say that. I was hooked from the first moment she drank. So in the end it was a simple decision.

how was the trip It is not very far from PopradI come from a relatively small town in central-western Ontario, so my parents drove me to a lot of thorn and bush as a child. Even in previous clubs, we traveled a lot for matches, you get used to it because you love the sport. Even if the journey here were self-made, I would go.

You know you’ve heard enough about Eska, what about you?Extraliga is a great tournament. When the migration to Karlovy Vary started to increase, I was looking for how the city and the hall would look like. Arna is beautiful and I like her a lot. The boys are here to ask, I am honored to be here. I’ve only been here for one day, but everything has been great so far. Even the things I heard from the agent indicated that it was a good place for a hockey player.

Did the cab take you without problems?My teammates, who can speak English, found me right after the trip and helped me out. When we were on the ice, they explained the exercise to me. So I really feel comfortable here and this bird atmosphere will definitely help me to adapt to the new darkness and place.

So the language barrier is not a threat?I don’t know how some of the guys are doing with their English. Of course, I don’t know a word of Czech, but I will try to understand and teach you better English if you want.

Do you want to learn some Czech words?I’m sure I’ll catch some. I have been playing in Slovakia for the last eight months, and I like that the languages ​​are quite similar. I think they mean defenders, it’s the same. I want to get some stock, please and thank you for learning.

How was the first thorn?He was fine. I have a lot of good skates. I noticed that right away, I liked that it was going at a fairly high pace. I know that we are ready for the question of salvation.

If we look at your career so far, you played half of it in Canada. What was the turning point when you decided to move to Europe?I was thinking about what would be the step in my career. Like every young boy, I wanted to play in the NHL, but it didn’t work out for me. The older you are, the more you look for places where you could continue your career. And I think that playing in Europe is a great option for games that haven’t even gotten to play at a professional level in North America. So I think that my playing style is good for both ice and skating, and I think that is one of my strong points. So Europe was always something I talked about with my parents and agent, but I got to the point in my career when it became a possibility. This year I took a step into the unknown and now I am very aware of it.

How is life here compared to life in Canada?I would say that it is a little different. When I looked around here, I didn’t recognize the store’s signs. I didn’t know how to feed him. But when you find things that fit, it’s much easier. Otherwise, I’m pretty used to it. There is of course the language barrier, which can be a problem for me sometimes. But what I have found out is that most people speak at least a little English, so I can always get along somehow.

You are playing against Olomouc on Friday, how are you coping?It’s getting dark. It’s quite fast, jumping right into the rescue after two days and one thorn here. But otherwise, I will be able to do it and jump on the ice and we will fight for the win with my teammates.

It’s a home run, so get to know our fans too. How are you?I wonder what the atmosphere will be like. There is a nice hall, I am proud of the fact that it is a good place for games and for girls.

How would you describe yourself to the fans?I think I’m a skating defenseman who can play on both sides. I’m trying to help myself in the flow as well, but not too risky in the defensive. I usually play in the defensive line to the ground, so I usually start the action. Every day I try to adapt as quickly as possible and help as much as possible.

How are your horses?In lt it is urit golf. I started with this when I was very young with my aunt and my young brother. I also played with my friends. My summer is so busy preparing for the upcoming season and I try to play golf as much as possible in my spare time.

Do you have any personal goals for the summer season?For that, the upcoming rescues are really important, as I realized at the signing in Karlovy Vary. So we’ll get the most out of those last eleven games, and we’ll hope for a better position for the playoffs. Then of course we will want to get it as soon as possible.

The last question is on your foundation. This is not common in Europe, could you explain what it is actually about?I founded a non-profit organization to collect pensions for institutions that help with mental health. It started at the age of 16 as a hockey tournament. He was supposed to force the children to go out and thus collect a pension to help people struggling with mental health. I had a son who committed suicide when I was nine. This set me on the path of helping people with mental health problems. Since then it has turned into a golf tournament. Every summer we get together with old teammates in Guelph, where I played junior league. It’s a graduation tournament. I hope to meet again and collect some pension myself. Over the last seven, eight years, we’ve raised over $100,000, which I’m proud of. Friends help me a lot, one of my best friends helped me when I was looking for an award. It is an interesting activity and something that is close to my heart and that I love to do.

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