Total biathlon! Lachman’s announcement will not be heard at the WC, the audience will see his ideas

Total biathlon! Lachman’s announcement will not be heard at the WC, the audience will see his ideas
Total biathlon! Lachman’s announcement will not be heard at the WC, the audience will see his ideas

His face and voice were inseparable from biathlon; First as a reporter and later as a commentator, Tom Lachman has been devoted to it since 2008.

As a reporter, he was always nice to me. He asked humanly. When the seducer did something wrong, he didn’t try to give him a slap, and when it worked, he asked about nice things that the seducer would never even say if he recorded the conversation. You could see that he was good at biathlon, that he was always trying to discover something in it, he spoke about his two defendants and, after the end of his career, also his colleague in the television studio, former world champion Ondej Moravec, currently one of the expert experts of Czech television. I know that we will see each other again at the biathlon, on the track, or behind the monitor, or just like that, he said the day before the start of the top flight of the season.

Lachmanv tk pbh, which started last May after falling down the stairs, after which he underwent several brain operations and had to be maintained in an artificial sleep, repeatedly arouses enormous interest in the sports community. This week and such that when his brother and friend announced a fundraiser in support of him, in the first few days more than 3,000 people responded and 10 million crowns were collected.

Michal Krm, leader of the men’s national team at the world championships, greeted Lachman emotionally from the television screen. The commentator will follow him from Lzn Blohrad, where he is an expert. Talk, but don’t flex your muscles.

A Moravec without any evidence that the editor from Brno had taken a liking to him. He left it engraved on the sides, when Lachman fell into biathlon so much that he ran along the tracks during breaks between ropes, thorns and work. They became ptel.

Honor him, if you know him. Lachece let us go, we had no fear of letting him dance during all the events at the hotel, he always knew the dream. My impression is that he is a nice guy with a sense of the situation, first of all Moravec, one of the main voices of Czech biathlon.

Others remember how Lachman pulled them on their sides on the ropes in order to personally try out the track on which the medal will be fought for. Nm experts didn’t even want to. At the last Olympics, it was only cold outside, minus twenty, and Tom followed them, and we are going to the lye. I don’t know how much he had behind him when he started biathlon, but credit to him for sticking together, he also bought his own equipment. It caught him off guard, he remembers how Roman Dostl took the ampion from the bvalch.

TV commentator and reporter Tom Lachman

Only for the specific Lachman, he devoted himself only to the back row from biathlon. Drinking a shot of beer and pouring out a magazine on the ground is not easy even for a hunter who got into this sport like no other.

And that’s what the specialist from the Brno studio got. Of the sports that were mountain biking, futsal and biathlon, he devoted himself to them the most, and began to take half an hour in biathlon. Of course, he made use of flint when the organizers somewhere organized an event for us where we could try out our skills with a mallard. This is how I remember him from 2013 in Nový Mst na Morav. Tom, who spent dozens of hours in the mix of noises behind the fences and saw everything up close, learned how to play biathlon really well. He explained to the point how it reacts to penetration, how it clicks, how it moves. He became an expert when his colleague Petr Kubsek, sports editor at the Brno studio T.

Lachman liked the main arel in the old stersund. Ovem Vysoina Arena in Nový Mst na Morav is my favorite place for him: here he made his biathlon debut as a reporter at the European Championships in 2008.

Total biathlon! he did not allow himself to be swayed by emotions when the temptations were particularly interesting.

WC in biathlon

Drainage program in Novm Mst n. M.

He called it great works or dramas. When someone did a super run, or when a decision was made on the floor, it was a real biathlon for him, l Dostl.

Although this girl will not be recognized during the upcoming battles in the Highlands, they will carry Lachman’s imprint on the T bags. the idea for the reports that will be sent during the World Cup came from his head.

We had our first meeting last April. We were both at the meeting, we discussed the project of the 2024 World Cup and what to prepare for the year At that time, Tom sang with the idea of ​​a filmed medallion representative and people from the implementation team elsewhere not in a sports environment, so that the spectators would recognize them from the other side. We didn’t set them up like that. Fans will learn that Jakub tvrteck often rides on the back wheel of his fairy tale, Jessica Jislov likes to spend time in popular cafes and give interesting things. Tom brought this into the project and that’s how we implemented it, Kubsek pointed out.

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