The boss of the Octagon reacts to Fenin: He lies! Alcohol and life’s difficulties! The demon kept pulling him down


Last year, Martin Fenin was supposed to fight in a cage with the late German soccer player Kevin Pannewitz. The rescue was supposed to take place again at the tournament in Frankfurt, where Fenin is still loved and recognized by the fans. But in the end, the long-awaited event did not come to pass, led by Octagon, the whole project was stopped.

I corresponded with Pale (Neruda) about the Fenin project. We stopped and canceled the project. I don’t like to lose heat, I can’t see it, but I had to laugh with this one. I was even the one who did the shit, and we’ll screw it up. Both of them had huge problems with it, he said at the Octagon Ondej Novotn.

Martin Fenin, who recently went through another similar situation, when the pages of newspapers were filled with his scandals and personal problems, now told Expres that he was sorry how the whole project ended and, above all, that Novotn put the blame squarely on him.

My trainer and I sweated our way through and were ready. Even if we were up and down, we were soupei. Specifically, from 83 kilograms to 90, which meant that I didn’t have to lose weight at all. We then learned about the end of the project from the newspaper. No one said anything to me, and I regretted how Novotn explained it. He didn’t do anything wrong, it was the German peko who couldn’t lose weight, he didn’t take Fenin napkins.

I did not break a single condition of the contract. In addition to the thorns, I went to the garden for a few hours. Octagon thus met all the conditions, there were no problems. But they couldn’t care less how prepared I am. That rescue didn’t happen just because of that guy. How could we save him when he was under 130 kilos? Everything classically suited Fenin, that’s the best part. But he gave it a year to live and I don’t like it, dov bval football player.

With this project, I wanted to show that I was motivated and I’m not a slob of a curmudgeon. I was kidding, but in the end you’ll think that I fucked up. I came out of it as a full baptism because of the revelation of Ondej Novotnho, who did not say the real reason, because the salvation did not take place. I was working on a two-phase week. Whether I liked it or not is another matter. With that salvation he swam, hard Fenin.

Martin Fenin was preparing for a fight in the famous Gorila MMA gym.

The former representative of Tonk stated that he learned about the canceled project only recently. The fact that he is approaching him, however, he started running out of time a week ago.

The tournament in Frankfurt was looming (16th of 2023, editor’s note) and it was strange to him that he was not saved there. I had a stupidly agreed condition that I would save in Frankfurt in front of my fans, where I am at home. They (Octagon, editor’s note) they claimed that we were not ready to go and that it would be better if we saved in Cologne. But then I received information that the boy was simply not losing weight. Then suddenly boom and save yourself. The whole nation thought that Fenin was up to something again. According to the contract, J Pitom didn’t even have to go to the thorn. It wasn’t written there at all how to thorn. I could easily sign and then drink and go out, Fenin revealed.

Neruda of the Octagon: Fenin le! He didn’t sleep, he had a life of pregnancy and was still being torn by a demon

The editorial office of Expres gave space to Oktagon. The main representative of the Octagon, Ondej Novotn, is in the news in the Dominican Republic because of the popular reality show Survivor. His park and co-owner of the organization, Pavol Neruda, responded to Fenin’s words.

It’s not true of course. Martin had constant problems with discipline, he didn’t play well, and it doesn’t matter to him how he gets there. He claims that Octagon doesn’t care what the form is, but he doesn’t care. We wanted to see a changeable hunter who was out of shape and had a lot of life. We wanted to show that when such a hunter is disciplined, it changes him physically and mentally. Improve your relationships and get on the new wave that will change his life, ekl on water Neruda.

Martin couldn’t get on the regular thorn. That’s how the demon pulled him off. And it was alcohol or lack of discipline. He didn’t have a whole analogy. we can thank him, who is often referred to as the brains of the Octagon.

Ondej Novotn and Palo Neruda

Neruda denies that Fenin would have learned about the failure of the project even later.

It’s not true. We had him on the phone, mm the call was recorded. I told him that we have to destroy it. He begged us not to put up with it, that the moon would thorn every day. It was in the spring of 2023. We thought that he would be allowed to ride. He lasted a relatively long time and I thought that would be enough. After 10 days, he didn’t drink the thorn again and didn’t show up the day before. He reneged on what we had agreed and we canceled the project. I didn’t mean it. I’m right that Pannewitz wasn’t disciplined, but it wasn’t about him. If Martin followed through on all the agreements and thorned like a dragon, then we would pour him a new soup and we would never let him toil away. Urit is not as Martin describes it, Neruda snapped.

Fenin: He didn’t go to Frankfurt and the motivation disappeared. I left out the thorns

At the exit of the co-owner of Oktagon, Fenin found at least one peculiarity, to which he wanted to respond.

I have to say that Palo Neruda is an absolutely cool guy and hats off to him. In August, however, I went to the training center with other people from Gorilla and was preparing for the rescue, which was supposed to take place in Frankfurt. There was a public card at the time and he wasn’t on it. It was stupid for me to save first in Frankfurt. That was the reason why I went there and Oktagon didn’t make it because of that German guy. When I knew I wasn’t going to make it in Frankfurt, it’s true that I somehow missed that thorn. Motivation gone responds Fenin, who would have turned to the thorns. Rumor has it at first that he got the lasso from an unnamed competing organization.

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