In Hradec, he already knows who he will say goodbye to after the season. They are negotiating an extension with others


But even so, seven months before his arrest, he can at least show himself a little, what the composition of the dark will look like. However, unlike last season, the club did not announce the change day for the next season. Do you remember? On the last day of January of the new year, the Hradec Klub club announced the departure of goalkeeper Patrik Bartok and only a day later confirmed the departure of goalkeeper Jakub Lev.

Nothing this year.

Pesto ada dleitch information appeared. Who will the fans be rooting for in the middle of the season?

Urit with two supports of the past seasons. The leaders of Mountfield let it be known that the defender Bohumil Jank and the striker Christophe Lalancette will not continue for a long time.

First, as one of the children, he remembers Mountfield’s journey from Budjovice to Hradec. Pot took a break for several seasons, but spent the last few again in Hradec. He didn’t drink. We negotiated a new contract, but in the end he decided to leave for another club after the season for a more lucrative contract, which we must respect, said Mountfield general manager Ale Kmonek.

Tineck Bohumil Jank piped to the guard of Richard Nejezchleb from Litvnov.

Jank played for Tinec in the past, now he is set to return to Ocel.

Kanaan Lalancette in Hradec at the end of the season, in all five of the most productive games. We didn’t agree, he said he wanted to go somewhere else, Kmonek said.

Eetu Laurikainen’s goal did a lot for Mountfield. He went to Hradec in December, but he didn’t like the water here. Even if the extent of his life and his achievements are not known, on the last day of April his actions in Hradec will most likely end. We are not considering extending the contract, confirmed the manager.

Did mon leave? Manaer said that the club did not agree on a new contract with the youngster Radovan Pavlek or with the young Adam Novotn, who played extra-league before turning sixteen in November.

On the other side of the games, for which the contract ends, the current support will continue in Hradec. Defenseman Jermie Blain scored three seasons in Hradec, his colleague Petr Kalina scored two, and defender Ale Jergl even scored five, all of whom signed up for Mountfield for two.

And your new one? The march to Hradec was recognized by defender Martin Buko. Pardubice traded him to Plzeň in the midst of the previously completed transfer, and he sweated on social media that it was just a stopover on the way to Hradec.

Tineck tonk Martin Rika (left) and Ralfs Freibergs from Hradec Krlov

What to expect before the fifth season? Changes may occur, the club gives a new contract extension, for example, with the defenders Freibergs and Marcel and with the young players Jasper, Mike or Pilae.

The same goes for the defender McCormack and the tonks Kevin Klma and Tohanzl, the current season should start for them and in the next day or so, after the punishment in the doping scandal, the beast has missed the season. That’s the end of the contract, but we’ll talk about an extension, as the manager said.

Where could Kelly Klma go, he is only a guest in Liberec for a while. We don’t think about his return and let’s assume he stays in Liberec, Kmonek shared.

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