Promoter Le Sy reveals which professional fighters are big fans of the Clash

Promoter Le Sy reveals which professional fighters are big fans of the Clash
Promoter Le Sy reveals which professional fighters are big fans of the Clash

The Clash of the Stars organization is a new phenomenon in the domestic scene that is still gaining momentum. This is evidenced, for example, by the speed at which tickets for individual events are disappearing, which is literally rocketing. However, tickets for Clash of the Stars 8 in June sold out within hours of going on sale. So there’s no doubt that Clash will continue to grow, but that’s not to everyone’s liking. A significant part of the MMA community criticizes Bizarre and is very surprised that such a project gets so much space, because they say it casts a bad light on combat sports. Even among the fighters, however, there are those who are Clash fans.

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“I’ve been saying it since the beginning and it doesn’t change. The people who communicate with me directly, so I’ll just quickly say Karol Ryšavý, Vlasto Čepo, of course Kozma, they are simply big fans of Clash, also Migel Konrád. The people I know personally are rooting for it. And I think most fighters are rooting for that too. It’s just something that’s so lighthearted and fun, but at the same time, it’s a sport that they love. They watch what they enjoy, but in a completely different form,” Tomáš Le Sy spoke for the Willy Cao channel.

“They laugh at prom and galas. On the other hand, they also perceive who is improving and how. How who works and how who approaches it. I definitely don’t see the majority of negative feedback from pro fighters.

I think the opinion that these people don’t deserve the attention and money in Clash is from people who haven’t been in a cage in life and haven’t made it. Because a lot of people train, but only a small fraction of them get to wrestle in front of the cameras.

The MMA base is growing and only a few percent of it makes it to the OCTAGON and those big galas. But without Clash it would be the same, nothing changes even if Clash wasn’t here. It’s just that now people who some feel don’t have a right to have a space are being given space. But who even determines that right or what is it based on? People and fans of the Clash simply care.”

What does Le Sy say to those who criticize the Clash and draw attention to the negative?

“Just pointing out what’s wrong is a characteristic of the people who do it. There are many positive stories and many good examples. For example, Mína, who defeated Laduška. She was extremely overpowered, really aggressive, precise and tough. She was like a little bulldog.

What I want to say, however, is that Mína has been going through a difficult time in recent years. She is a young lady who skyrocketed to fame as a child. A young person often takes it badly and copes with it badly. She started having mental problems and anxiety and was generally not well. When the idea of ​​a match arose, she went to her therapist and asked what she thought about it. She told her that 100%, that sport balances a person’s life and head. So she went for it and that’s exactly what happened.

She started having a regimen. Instead of being bored at home and drowning in depression, she started playing sports. In the evening she came home tired and went to sleep. She started to feel hungry so she started eating. That’s what you see in that person, how it shines. She literally glows compared to how she looked before. She won the match, she is enjoying it and even said it was the happiest day of her life.

But people don’t point that out anymore. They don’t notice. A lot of people are only interested in what they can dig into and point to. So let them tell themselves in front of the mirror if they are so worthy of imitation.” Tomáš Le Sy responded to the criticism for CNN Prima NEWS.

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