We will be the last in Bahrain, predicts the new boss of Haas – F1sport.cz

We will be the last in Bahrain, predicts the new boss of Haas – F1sport.cz
We will be the last in Bahrain, predicts the new boss of Haas – F1sport.cz

Haas does not count on chasing the other rivals in the middle of the field in the first races of the season.

The American team presented this year’s car on Friday (renders only). Last year he finished last in the championship and according to his new boss, he will start the season in a similar place.

“Once we hit the track in Bahrain… I think we’ll be at the bottom of the field, if not last,” Komacu said, as quoted by Racer.

“I’ve spent a lot of time talking to the managers – both in the UK and in Italy – since I became team boss and they’re excited because it’s an opportunity to improve and there’s always room for improvement .”

“The reason our entry-spec car won’t be quick enough in Bahrain is not because of the quality of people we have here, but because we started late and then stopped for two months for improvements for Austin. It diverted resources so we lost time, but the team is finding good gains in the wind tunnel so that’s positive and it’s going in the right direction in terms of properties.”

“We are focused on having a good test program for Bahrain, so that we leave the tests with quality data that the team can analyze and understand in which direction to develop the car. That means understanding exactly the strengths and weaknesses of the VF-24, and then putting together a comprehensive plan to deliver updates to the vehicle, which hasn’t happened before.”

While the team boss has changed, other things have remained the same – the Ferrari engine, the main sponsor and also the drivers.

“The riders will also play a stronger role,” Komacu continues. “Last year, it was clear from the subjective feedback from the drivers that they understood the car’s weaknesses, but we weren’t able to translate that into the development of the car.”

“Thanks to the changes we’ve made to the team, we want to address this issue by getting our riders more involved in the development cycle so that nothing goes wrong.”

“As engineers, we have all the data from many sensors available, but the only thing we can’t do is drive the car and feel what’s going on. Therefore, we need to be able to better understand and respond to rider feedback.”

Bearman will have six first practice sessions with Haas this year

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