Is European football waiting for a big bang? The Superliga could start as early as next season, says the Barcelona boss


The topic of the Super League has been resonating in society since 2021, when 12 major European clubs announced plans to establish it to the world. However, the project did not even last 48 hours due to a huge wave of anger, primarily from fans. Even under the threat of sanctions from UEFA and FIFA, nine teams quickly turned away from him, after some time the Italian Juventus Turin joined them. Only the Spanish giants, the royal Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​remained with the idea.

In February 2023, the representatives of the Superliga presented a new format of the open competition, saying that 60 to 80 clubs from all European countries should participate in it. Although this did not cause such a negative wave as the first attempt, most of the clubs concerned were skeptical about the idea of ​​a new competition, also because of the threat from the big organizations. However, the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg decided at the end of last year that UEFA and FIFA acted in violation of European law by blocking the planned competition. And the debates about the concept of this competition started to become more relevant again.

It was also because of this that Barcelona boss Laporta talked about the Superliga. He mentioned that the project could become a reality already next season. “The Super League could start playing already next season, or it will be in 2025 and 2026. If it didn’t happen, I would have to rethink the whole thing,” he told the radio station.

According to him, the Superliga should at least start without the participation of English clubs. These were part of the original announcement of the competition, but after a wave of opposition, they still maintain a negative attitude towards the competition to this day. “I don’t care at all whether the English teams will join. They already have their own Superliga, it’s called the Premier League,” explained the head of the Catalan club.

He also mentioned that at the beginning of the competition there could be 16 teams, which is a significant reduction compared to the announced concept of 60 to 80 clubs. “Cup of Champions of European Countries (known today as the Champions League, note ed.) also started in 1955 with a few clubs and only later became the most important competition in Europe. This is how I imagine the first phase. At first, fewer clubs, then others will integrate,” he justified the reduction in the number of clubs.

In the broadcast, he also listed the clubs to which the new competition should concern: “Apart from Barcelona and Real Madrid, it should be Italian teams, namely Inter Milan, AC Milan, Napoli and AS Roma. Also French clubs, such as Marseille. Portuguese teams should also join, i.e. Benfica and Sporting Lisbon and Porto,” he listed the individual teams. According to him, participation in the competition should also concern some Dutch and Belgian teams.

However, some clubs deny this statement. AS Rome was the first to come up with an opinion, which published it on its website. “The club declares again that it does not support any project related to the so-called Superliga.” In a similar spirit, Marseille also expressed itself through the media: “Our position has been publicly known since December and nothing has changed.” At that time, the club from the south of France declared, that they do not identify with another European competition. Dutch teams Ajax Amsterdam and Feyenoord Rotterdam also expressed their disapproval of the words of the Barcelona boss.

Only time will tell how and if a new European competition will be created at all…

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