Koudelka did not hold 17th place in Willingen, Forfang won with a record jump

Koudelka did not hold 17th place in Willingen, Forfang won with a record jump
Koudelka did not hold 17th place in Willingen, Forfang won with a record jump

The 34-year-old Koudelka, who returned to racing in Willingen after missing the World Flying Championships in Kulm, jumped 133 meters in the first round. He could therefore attack his best position of the season, which is the 17th place from Innsbruck. In the second round, however, the most experienced Czech representative lost 16 meters and dropped to the penultimate 29th place in points.

On the other hand, the second jump went exceptionally well to the runner-up Forfang, who already equaled the pole vault record of 153 meters by Pole Klemens Muraňka in Friday’s qualification. Today, the Norwegian added another 2.5 meters and won with a huge lead of 31 points over Japan’s Ryoju Kobayashi, who moved up thirteen places in the second round.

The 28-year-old Forfang claimed his fourth career win and first since December 2018. Half of his triumphs came on the Mühlenkopfschanze, the biggest of the big bridges in the World Cup.

The attack on the first podium in his career did not work out for Finn Antti Aalto, who unexpectedly led after the first round, but could not bear the weight of the moment in the final and fell to 14th position.

Several favorites, led by the Austrian Stefan Kraft, were unable to cope with the demanding conditions in the first round. The World Cup leader and recent world champion in years jumped only 122 meters and unexpectedly did not advance to the second round as thirty-ninth, which happened to him last time in November 2020.

A similar fate befell the Poles Kamil Stoch and Piotr Žyla or the Slovenian Timi Zajec, who failed a potential record jump of 161.5 meters last year in Willingen.

WC in ski jumping in Willingen (Germany):
1. Forfang (Norway) 252.7 b. (144+155.5 m)
2. R. Kobayashi (Japan) 221.7 (128+148)
3. Sundal (Norway) 219.9 (138+150)
4. Hayböck (Austria) 215.7 (141+136)
5. D. Prevc (Slovenia) 215.6 (135+146)
6. Tschofenig (Austria) 213.9 (140.5+137)
…29. KOUDELKA (CZE) 160.9 (133+117).
Current order of the SP (after 15 of 32 races):
1. Kraft (Austria) 1089
2. Wellinger (Germany) 851
3. R. Kobayashi 816
4. Hörl (Austria) 639
5. Paschke (Germany) 560
6. Lanišek (Slovenia) 550
…42. KOUDELKA 35

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