The barrage specialists have succeeded again and can prepare for the next barrage


In the 2021/2022 season with Jihlava 4:1 per match, last year with Zlín 4:0 and this year with Vsetín again 4:0. The play-off specialists from Kladno managed the third play-off in a row and we will see them on the extra-league rinks next season as well.

The unbeaten but rested Knights entered the series with two home wins 4:1 and 7:2. Vsetín, who made it through the playoffs of the Chance League, and also had to seek asylum for home matches, as the Na Lapači stadium did not meet the license conditions, tried to return the series to Kladno in a “home” environment in Brno. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, and close wins 3:2 and 4:3 ensured Kladno remained among the hockey elite.

Playoff winner? Spectators

All matches of the play-off series were sold out, Kladno filled its capacity of 5,200 seats, 7,700 spectators watched the third and fourth matches in Brno.

The winner of the fan fight is clearly the fans of Vsetín, who headed to Kladno in large numbers, and the subsequent invasion of the yellow-green team in Brno only proved how the whole of Vsetín lives by hockey.

With whom next year?

Kladno remains in the extra league, but it is not expected that it would significantly strengthen for the next season. That is also why he will again be among the contenders for the play-off. If that happens, it would be the fourth participation in a row. This would once again raise a wave of resentment, which was already quite large before the start of this year’s tie.

The difference between the play-off participant and the Chance League winner was big at some points. But the problem is in the league system. A participant in the Chance League would have to significantly strengthen for the entire first league season in order to handle both the first league and the subsequent playoff.

In the event of direct promotion from the Chance League to the Extra League, its winner would have more options, especially regarding the selection of players on the transfer market. This is the current problem of Kladno, which after the winning shootout is hunting in the dismantled field of the player market.

Without emotions

Kladno gave the impression of a clear winner in advance. There were far more emotions at the Vsetin exchange. After the victorious fourth duel, the Kladno team was more relieved than happy at the rescue.

In any case, Vsetín showed that it is possible to play with extraleague participants and this tie can help him in the future, especially in terms of experience. Therefore, it is quite possible that the two teams will meet again in a year.

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