Football Sparta solves the problems of players with discipline

Football Sparta solves the problems of players with discipline
Football Sparta solves the problems of players with discipline

Krejčí, Preciado, Olatunji, Sadílek, Karabec, Vitík, Ryneš, Zelený and Haraslín. This is a list of sharp boys of Sparta who went to the showers early this year. Ladislav Krejčí even three times, Angelo Preciado twice. It is a miracle that Sparta did not pay significantly for their football sins. After the derby, they lead the league with a four-point lead over Slavia and aim to defend their title. Three games remain until the end of the extension.

Priske: It was pointless again

In the league season, referees have already given Sparta ten red cards. Slovak forward Lukáš Haraslín saw the last one in Saturday’s goalless derby. It was again pointless. It happened at the corner flag in the opponent’s half, where we were in no danger. I know that Lukáš had to make a decision quickly. But he has to be more careful in moments like this,” coach Brian Priske fumed on the club’s website.

Sparta had to play with the rival for the last half hour at ten. “The red card obviously affected the game a lot because we were the better team before. In the end, it was more stress than peace. But I’m proud of the boys, how they worked it out and fought back.” said Priske after a valuable draw.

We have to deal with it

Of course, it was not the first time that Priske spoke about problems with discipline. “There are too many red cards. Some we didn’t deserve, but the last ones were 100 percent. It is important to play with a certain amount of discipline regardless of what the opponent is doing. We knew at the beginning of the season that everyone would want to beat us and that some opponents would cross the line because of that. That’s part of football too, we have to deal with it.” said the coach of Sparta Priske after the expulsion of Preciad in the match with Mlada Boleslav, which we also wrote about on SportechŽiv.

But his players continue to sin. And so significantly that they reign in it throughout Europe. According to iDnes statistics, no one can match them in the leading foreign leagues. Thanks to Haraslín’s red, Sparta became independent at the head of the imaginary elimination table. Behind her are the Portuguese teams Porto and Famalicaa. “Something is simply not right here. There are really too many reds on our side, the number is huge. I know that if we analyzed one situation at a time, we could often choose a different solution. On the other hand, I also see a lot of situations where our players get kicked,” Priske added. Can his team make it through the last three games without a red card?

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