WC hockey | Special glasses, sleep hormone or “staring” at the ceiling. How hockey players fall asleep after night duels


They got out of the arena at midnight, had dinner at the hotel and usually appeared in bed at two in the morning. But it takes time before the pumped-up body calms down after the match and sleep overwhelms you. “It’s different for the body than when we play from five or six in the league. I can’t take it, I’m rolling over. But I have no tricks. I lie down in bed, look at the ceiling and just try to fall asleep,” forward Daniel Voženielek describes, without taking any sleeping pills.

The aforementioned Michal Kempný is different. Perhaps this is due to experience with the NHL and the fact that Sparta usually plays at half past six, i.e. later than Voženílkův Třinec.

The defender regularly puts on glasses a few hours before going to bed in the evening, which block the blue light from monitors and displays. “Then I have magnesium, which calms me down a bit after the match, and I also use melatonin, which also helps me to start wanting to sleep,” says Kempný.

WC in hockey 2024

The 87th World Ice Hockey Championship is taking place in the term 10-26 May 2024 in the Czech Republic, the tournament is hosted by the cities of Prague and Ostrava.

Melatonin is nicknamed the “sleep hormone”. “However, the most important thing is to calm down the body as much as possible, because the adrenaline is still there.”

In addition, very often the match is still replaying in the players’ heads, they are full of sensations. “That’s normal in every sport, but we athletes also have to get rid of it in some way, so that we go to bed as early as possible and our heads are set and clear for the next task,” says Kempný.

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The coaches adapt the program to the evening matches – the national team plays five of the seven in the basic group. Pre-game ice skating and training sessions are postponed to the latest possible time, after lunch the players have the opportunity to take a nap.

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