Another bet on coaches from abroad. Nor Dahl will lead the Czech handball players

“We had several adepts, Bent Dahl impressed us the most, both from the point of view of handball and the training of the women’s national team,” says Czech Handball President Ondřej Zdráhala. Dahl also heads the Romanian club Valcea and helped set up the concept of training handball players in Norway.

He also worked as an analyst for the national team there, in 2013 and 2014 he also worked for Russian handball. The implementation team will be completed as an assistant by his compatriot Tor Odvar Moen, who celebrated eleven times on the bench of Larvik a triumph in the Norwegian league and once also a triumph in the Champions League.

The new national team coach sees strong potential in Czech women. “The team has not yet reached its performance ceiling. The players did not show everything they have inside. For me it’s a great opportunity to work with girls who have a future ahead of them and get the most out of them,” says Dahl.

The new coach of the Czech women’s handball team Bent Dahl during training.Photo: Czech handball

“It is necessary for the girls to get an impulse and boost their self-confidence a little. I believe that the coach will give the team a new face,” hopes Zdráhala. “Personally, I am certainly open to such things and I am very much looking forward to working with a foreign coach. I think it can only help us, I definitely perceive the change very positively,” says the winner of this year’s League champion and representative midfielder Markéta Jeřábková.

Veronika Malá, who triumphed with the German Bietigheim in the European League this year, perceives the Norwegian coach’s engagement in a similar way. “I hear only positive things about the work of the coach. He is known for trying to improve and advance the players every day,” says the Czech winger.

The new coach of the Czech women’s handball team, Bent Dahl.Photo: Czech handball

As with the men, in the case of Dahl’s engagement, the association also wants to emphasize the connection between the senior team and the youth categories. “For the future, it is necessary to build a cross-sectional team, we don’t want to raise just one quality generation. On the contrary, it is necessary that new talented players join the team every year. This is the only way we can achieve long-term success,” Zdráhala asserts.

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