He is comforted by a beauty from Cyprus – eXtra.cz

He is comforted by a beauty from Cyprus – eXtra.cz
He is comforted by a beauty from Cyprus – eXtra.cz

Source: With the consent of Matěj Peňáz


Czech MMA fighter Matěj Peňáz lost his chance to get a contract with the prestigious UFC organization. As iSport.cz informs, he lost the fight with the American Sedriques Dumas. Peñaz was stopped after just 47 seconds, recording his first loss in the Octagon. The match took place on Dana White’s Contender Series TV show. But the wrestler has support in a girl from Cyprus, he lives with a beautiful veterinarian.

Matěj Peňáz could have been among the elite fighters, but he lost the match against Sedriques Dumas, who knocked him out after 47 seconds. He is one of the most popular fighters on the Czech scene, and now he can write down his first unsuccessful fight in the Octagon.

His head was cut off by a guillotine

As the website states iSport.cz, The American unusually put a guillotine on him and thus forced Peñaz to surrender. It was already the seventh victory in his professional career for the American. It’s a sad blow for Matěj, because signing a contract with the UFC was his big dream. He moved away from him now, but the fighter would definitely not give up.

In America, a wrestler has support both in his coach and in his love. His partner is the charming Marilena and she is also his biggest and loudest fan. I don’t worry about him when he wrestles because I know he’s always perfectly prepared. He has a perfectly set head and a strong will. I always shout a lot during Matěj’s matches because it’s very exciting to watch him.” said a beauty who came to the Czech Republic from Cyprus a few years ago to Expres. But now she is working in Sweden again.

First meeting with love

Marilena makes a living as a veterinarian. She also revealed the facts about their first meeting to Express. We first met in a gym in Brno about three years ago. I moved to Brno to study at the veterinary faculty. We started talking, then we spent more and more time together. When he went to work in America for about a month, we called and wrote every day. He then came to pick me up from the airport and we’ve been together ever since.” she confided.

As a veterinarian, she specializes in soft tissue surgery, dentistry and reconstructive surgery. He is currently working in Sweden with top veterinarians.

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